This Creative Has the Perfect Cool-Girl, French-Inspired Beauty Routine

Ever wish you could peek into the beauty cabinets of other women? Ask them about each and every product before you gather your notes and make a beeline for the nearest Mecca? We did too, hence ourВ Real Women, Real RoutinesВ series. We're shining a spotlight on actual women, and detailing the ins and outs of their personal skincare routines.

We asked all the questions, from their approach to skincare, to issues they're dealing with, morning and evening beauty rituals, and the products they'll keep buying forever. In this week's column,В Writer and Content ProducerВ Ella Jane ofВ Tomboy Beauty so kindly walked us through every single step in her expertly curated skincare routine. Being a beauty writer, hundreds of products are at her disposal, so you know that all those who made the cut are seriously good.

Keep reading for all the skincare products she swears by.


What's your approach to skincare?

I really believe that skincare goes beyond which products you use, so a big part of my approach is based on my lifestyle and diet, in conjunction with the products I'm using. I've dealt with acne all through my teens and have come to learn my 'skin triggers' so it's important for me to be fairly diligent. For me, it's about having a really simple, effective skincare routine which does the job, and maintaining my skin health through diet and exercise too-only because sadly, I'm not one of those girls who can hoover up a plate of fries and wash it down with a bottle of wine and not have my skin pay for it the following day.

How do you go about choosing products?

I love French pharmacy skincare and really believe in opting for paraben and fragrance-free. Simple products that do the trick, and not over-saturating the skin with ingredients that it doesn't need-then, if you run into a problem, it's much easier to eliminate the cause.

I predominantly choose products by ingredient basis, as I know what my skin likes and doesn't like.В

Do you have any skincare issues you're currently treating?В

I've been dealing with a bit of congestion recently, which is 100 percent not the end of the world, but just a reminder to myself to cut back on the dairy, get some extra sleep, try stressing less, and sweating more. I also have trouble with acne scarring- to treat this I'm trying micro-needling and laser for the texture, and omnilux for the pigmentation.

What skincare products do you buy over and over?

My ride or die moisturizer is Bioderma Sensibio Light MoisturiserВ ($34). I hope it never goes anywhere because every time I stop using it my skin has a conniption.

Goldfaden MD Doctor's ScrubВ ($110). This stuff is hectic, and really does feel like you're physically assaulting your pores into submission, but it works for me and I might be addicted to it.В

Avene TRI+XГ©ra CleanserВ ($42) is super gentle and no fuss-like the French version of Glossier Milky Jelly but with a bit more oomph.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body MoisturiserВ ($26)-I just really love the smell.

Codage Micro Peeling MaskВ ($112). Upon applying, it feels like your skin is pleasantly burning off but then the next morning it's like WORTH IT.

Bioderma Sensibio Light Daily Moisturiser $34ShopGoldfaden MD Doctor's Scrub $110ShopAvene TRI+XГ©ra Emollient and Cleansing Gel $42ShopWeleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion $26ShopCodage Micro-Peeling Mask $112Shop

Any ingredients or products you'd never use on your skin?

I'm just really bad with most oils and essential oils directly on the face. Although, I'm obsessed with burning them and using them on the body. There's also this ingredient you can find it in a lot of mineral powders or shimmery face powders (blush, bronzer, highlighter) called Bismuth Oxychloride. I always watch out for it when shopping for makeup, as it's pretty horrible for your skin and caused my breakouts for years.В

Walk us through the steps of your current morning skincare routine.

I just cleanse with my AvГ©neВ TRI+XГ©ra cleanserВ ($42) and then apply a VersoВ Hydrating SerumВ ($139) followed by my Bioderma Sensibio Light MoisturiserВ ($34) and an SPF 50+.В

Walk us through the steps of your current evening routine.

I remove my makeup with a Face HaloВ ($30), then cleanse with my AvГ©ne CleanserВ ($42). If it's exfoliating night I use the Goldfaden MDВ ScrubВ ($110) (three times per week is enough for me). Out of the shower, I apply the VersoВ Super Facial SerumВ ($190) followed by the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night OilВ ($154), and add Mario BadescuВ Drying LotionВ ($24) if I have any friends on my face.

Which experts do you see for personal skin upkeep?

I started to see a dermatologist when I was 18, and he's been amazing for really real advice on skincare, I still call him if something is feeling extra out of whack. I also go toВ Venustus in Paddington, which is the only 'constant' place I go to right now. Their ability to intuitively figure out what's going on physically and emotionally is out of this world. Stress can massively affect the skin, and the Venustus team always do an incredible job at de-stressing me and making me feel completely looked after.В