Are Drugstore Products as Effective as High-End Skincare?


A new study pitted a popular drugstore brand, MD Complete, against dermatologist-dispensed brand Obagi. The doctors behind the study wanted to find out if a higher price tag really did mean better results, given that so many of us believe price is tied to quality. Obagi is the anti-aging line of choice for a great number of dermatologists. The products range from $31 to $363, with the majority sitting in the $43 to $113 range. Now, $31 might not seem like an unusually high price tag for a high-end skincare product, but it is notably steeper than the majority of drugstore brands out there.

For 12 weeks, the participants (with moderately sun-damaged skin) engaged in a split-face study (meaning they applied the high-end dermatologist brand to one side of their face and the drugstore anti-aging line to the other). At the end of the study, the researchers compared the improvements on both sides of the face, and found that the drugstore side showed a nearly three times greater improvement than the luxury line. Also, worth noting: Both lines demonstrated a statistically significant clinical improvement in photo-aged skin at the four-week mark. All the more reason to stick with your routine!

The impressive results came from just two products-two products that together cost less than a single product from a luxury line-MD Complete's Anti-Aging Wrinkle Remover Duo KitВ ($37), which includes the Advanced Wrinkle Remover (a treatment with retinol) and the Eye Wrinkle Remover.

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Are you convinced? Do you have a preference between drugstore or high-end skincare products?