This Hydrating Shampoo Has Been a Saviour for My Afro Hair

Giselle La Pompe-Moore

I've never found the process of washing my hair to be particularly enjoyable. I remember when my mum washed my hair: It was always a dramatic event that required plenty of bribery, tears and soothing. While it's no longer that theatrical, I still don't like it. Washing my natural Afro hair (after I transitioned from relaxing it) made the whole thing even more time-consuming and tricky.

During this time of relearning how my natural hair works, I discovered a whole new world of tangles and needed to find out how to handle my coils on wash day. Shampoos did what I needed them to (aka cleansed), but never made the process better or did much for my hair. That is, until I gave Dizziak Hydration Wash a try. Whenever I see the H-word, I'm sold, as my 4C hair drinks up whatever moisture it can get hold of, and this wash most certainly delivers.

Dizziak Hydration Wash $20Shop

It has the brand's signature aromatic fragrance that's equal parts fresh, fruity and the perfect amount of peppery. When I got it onto my hair, I immediately noticed just how rich the formula was (we're talking conditioner thick). The vegan shampoo boasts amino acid-rich quinoa protein, which works on repairing strands as well as moisturising and strengthening. There's also an intensely nourishing blend of natural oils including inca inchi, babassu and argan, as well as the buttery goodness of shea and soothing aloe.

Giselle La Pompe-Moore

The proof of the power of these ingredients lies in the results and my hair is all the better for it. Firstly, it gives good suds and lathers up a treat-especially as its sulphate-free and uses a coconut derivative instead. It felt instantly soothing on my scalp, and a little goes a long way, which is rare, as I usually end up going through half a bottle of shampoo. When I washed it out, I was surprised at how well it managed to transform my hair's texture.

Giselle La Pompe-Moore

My hair felt like soft and full of moisture, as if it had already been conditioned. Dare I say I was actually starting to enjoy this hair washing thing? I decided to use the brand's deep conditioner with it anyways, as it's become a staple in my routine.

Dizziak Deep Conditioner $20Shop

This final step helped to seal in even more of the moisture from the moisturising shampoo so I didn't feel like I had to smother my hair post-wash product like I usually do. The wash has become a permanent fixture in my bathroom, as it's managed to remove all of the product buildup I had after my hair's been braided for a few weeks. Plus I can finally relax the rest of my routine, as it gives my hair enough moisture throughout the week. I never thought I'd see the day, but this shampoo has actually made me excited for wash day.

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