We Tested Dior's New Berry Lip Glow on 3 Different Skin Tones-See the Photos

When a buzzy new beauty product launches, we Byrdie editors try our best to get our hands on it first. Not just because we want what all the cool kids are talking about, either-by nature, we're beauty skeptics and like to analyze the gritty details to determine whether or not a product lives up to the hype. (For proof, check out our honest reviews of Glossier's new moisturizer and Julep's just-released sunscreen.)

So when news dropped that Dior was launching a new berry shade of its cult-classic Addict Lip Glow ($33), we had a tube delivered overnight. (After all, lip balm is kind of our thing here at Byrdie, and Dior's formula is one of our favorites.) The new shade offers the same hydrating, nourishing ingredients we've loved for years-it's packed with wild mango and Luffa cylindrica, plus SPF 10. But what caught our eye is that the new Lip Glow shade seems richer than the lilac, coral, and rose hues currently available. Dior calls Berry #006 a "sheer plum" that "instantly awakens the lips, leaving behind a kissable wash of color."

All things considered, this seemed like it had the potential to be the "perfect" lip balm. But how does it look and feel in real life? To find out, we put the product to the ultimate test: Editors with three different skin tones tried it out and reported back. Keep scrolling for our honest reviews (with photos)!

Olive Skin Tone

Paley Fairman

"The lip glow applied super smoothly and, after a couple coats, gave my lips a pop of color a bit pinker and brighter than natural. I'm prone to chapped lips, so I appreciated how moisturizing the formula was while still delivering color-a great alternative to a lipstick. The color was buildable but still resulted in a finish somewhere between a gloss and a lipstick." - Dacy Knight, weekend editor

Deep Skin Tone

Paley Fairman

"The Dior Lip Glow went on super smooth and felt very nourishing on my lips, which I loved! However, when it comes to lip products, I go zero to 100 real quick (translation: I either wear nothing but lip balm or a super-pigmented lipstick or stain). So I wish this product looked a little more pigmented on me, but I was pleased with how it looked and would probably wear this on the weekends while running errands or post-workout to look a little more put-together." - Aimee Jefferson, social media editor

Fair Skin Tone

Paley Fairman

"I love a high-impact lip color, but in the winter, my thirsty lips aren't always up for supporting a heavy matte lipstick. Pigmented lip balm sounds like a great alternative, but I haven't actually found one that delivers both pigment and hydrating, nourishing qualities.

"I dig Dior's other Lip Glows for their incredibly moisturizing formula, but for me, they're a little too sheer to wear on the reg. So I was thrilled to find that this one delivered more oomph. It's truly buildable: One coat gives me a whisper of color while three or four coats produce a vibrant pink against my fair skin. Being picky about it, I suppose I do wish the product looked more berry than pink, but regardless, I can definitely see myself reaching for this on low-maintenance makeup days when I want my lips to feel nourished."

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