11 Emotions Curly-Haired Girls Can Relate To

Hands up-who has curly hair? If that's you, then prepare yourself for a trip down memory lane, as it's come to our attention that most of us with curly hair have a love/hate relationship. This editor in particular has often battled against it to get the look she wants, whether straight, wavy, or simply in a messy bun. So we thought it high time to prove to the world the #dailystruggle faced by those with curly hair.

Now, don't get us wrong. It's not that we don't love it, but there are problems that those without curly hair just won't understand. For instance, the envy we feel when we see someone with straight hair wearing a topknot, or those who can wake up in the morning without looking like they've actually been dragged through a hedge backwards. But of course, there's a lot more, and we've covered the highlights here. Keep scrolling for our guide to the 11 emotions all curly-haired girls can relate to.

#1: Constantly battling humidity

Shout-out to Monica Geller for highlighting this issue. Humidity is truly the devil. The best way to combat it? Try an oil spray.


#2: "No brushes allowed"

Ask anyone with curly hair if they brush their hair every day, and they'll probably laugh in your face. Would you want to brush your hair if it made you look like Sideshow Bob?В

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#3: Giving straight-haired people evils

Extreme? Yes. Understandable? Totally. If you've got curly hair, we guarantee at some point you've stared longingly, with more than a hint of jealousy, at people on the commute who have straight hair. The reason? They're not frantically patting their baby hairs down before that big meeting.В


#4: Using an actual iron on your hair that one time

Desperate times calls for desperate measures (and slightly singed hair). It got your hair super sleek and you were pretty pumped about it. Note: Do not do this again under any circumstances; an iron that close to one's face is never a good idea. Beg for, borrow or buy an actual hair straightener instead.


#5: Straightening your hair (and then regretting it)

When you start straightening your hair (which inevitably you will do), your mum will say these four words: You will regret it. We hate to say it, but she's right. As such, when you inevitably want your curly hair back, thanks to your constant straightening, it's unlikely to ever go back to its old shape. Sigh-we can't win.


#6: Realizing topknots never look good on you

We hate to break it to you, but we suggest you give up on this one.В

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#7: Learning curly doesn't always mean thick

Sometimes, the DNA lottery hates you. Not only do you have to fight with your curly hair to make it look good, but you might also get the double whammy of it being thin too. Texturising products are your friends here. Seriously, go invest in one already.

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#8: Bedhead chic… What's that now?

Of course we'd like nothing more than to wake up with French girl-style tousled hair. Doesn't happen, though. Even if we have straightened it, it resembles a bird's nest. Top tip? Sleep in loose braids.

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#9: Two words: matted hair

Ugh. This is so annoying and can strike when you're not expecting it. Heating plus not brushing your hair with a wide-tooth comb will contribute to this. Oh, and that oversize scarf you love so much? It hates your hair and will cause it to matte like a wet dog's.


#10: Never being able to get "The Rachel"

That Гјber-layered look was a total disaster for curly-haired girls in the '90s. The less said about this, the better.


#11: Not having to eat your sandwich crusts

One of the massiveВ bonuses of having curly hair when you were little? You didn't have to eat your crusts. Why? Well, as the old wives' superstition goes, you won't have curly hair if you don't eat your crusts. It almost makes up for everything else. Almost.


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