7 Summer Hairstyles That Look Cool (and Keep Your Neck Cool)

Sure, August is coming to a close and it's about that time when all the stores and magazines are touting the next big things for fall. But the thing is, it's still really hot outside. And if my days spent sweating through September and even October haveВ taught me anything, it's that those temperatures will remain for quite a while. It's still summer for all intents and purposes, and we still need hairstyling ideas to keep sweat and fatigue at bay.В

With that in mind, I reached out to Glamsquad's artistic director, Giovanni Vaccaro, an incredible hairstylist who is an industry go-to for inspiration. Below, he lists a few alternatives to messy buns and exasperated 90-degree hairstyles. Keep scrolling for the answers you've been looking for.В


"Mix and match two different types of braids or keep it simple with one," suggests Vaccaro. "Plus, get two looks in one by keeping the braids in overnight for great texture come morning or as a protective style for your natural curls."

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This hairstyle stays effortless and chic despite the soaring temperatures. While keeping your hair off your neck helps, the true secret is applying dry shampoo to help absorb oil (something we all struggle with this time of year). Before putting your hair up, spritz dry shampoo onto your roots and work it into tips. It'll revive second-day strands, give hair extra volume, and remove the sweat-induced shine. Win-win-win.

Short Bob

"Rock a shaggy, short bob," saysВ Vaccaro. "Get rid of the length with a chic, blunt cut. Let it air-dry and add sea salt spray for a lived-in,В natural texture."


"Accessorize your look in a heat-friendly, practical way," Vaccaro explains. "Use cool, modern shapes to twist your hair up and out of your way.”

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Bun and Bow

"Twist your hair in your usual topknot (or ponytail if you have shorter hair), but use a decorative scarf or ribbon to conceal the elastic and add a texture or print to your everyday bun. For added volume, use a dry shampoo at the roots.”

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"Use your choice of scarf length to wrap your hair completely, or just get it off your neck," recommends Vaccaro. "This style is perfectВ forВ second-day hairВ or when you don't feel like styling it."

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Power Ponytails

"Brush all your hair up to the top of your head and tie tight with an elastic," suggests Vaccaro. "You can even add in extensions for length or fullness to dial up the drama and add a punch of power to your pony.”


"Throwing on a hat is the easiest way to get hair out of your face and quickly look put together," says Vaccaro. Pull your hair back so it's off your neck, and secure your hat on top. Everything will stay in place if you useВ a clear elastic and some super-holdВ gel.В

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