How Often Should I Wash My Hair? An Expert Spills the Definitive Answer

There's been a lot of discussion recently about how often you should shower (and at what temperature), and occasionally the focus turns to the topic of your hair. How often you currently shampoo your strands probably depends on your hair type and lifestyle (i.e., how often you work out); but do you know how often you should wash your hair? It turns out there's a right and a wrong answer, and the frequency with which you shampoo can majorly affect the quality and health of your hair.

So to answer your question "How often should I wash my hair?" we reached out to Justin Anderson, co-founder and creative director of salon and haircare line dpHue, and ambassador for Olaplex. Turns out the answer is shockingly uncomplicated.

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So, How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

If you're a daily shampooer, it's time to slow your roll. No matter how greasy your hair seems, if you're washing it every day, you're overwashing. "We hear the debate on how often you should wash your hair all the time, " he says. "Simply put, washing your hair is like washing your fine clothes. The more often you do it, the more it will lose its shape and texture. Overwashing your hair-which means every day or more-will dry out your hair, not only because you're stripping the hair of its natural oils, but also because you'll probably end up using heat on the hair more often (such as blow-drying, straightening, and curling)," he says. Not to mention, stripping your hair of its natural oils makes it even more oily, because your scalp feels like it has to compensate. It's a self-perpetuating cycle.

So what's the magic frequency? Anderson says the ideal amount to shampoo your hair is two to three times per week. If you work out regularly or feel like you "need" to wash your hair every day, you may be thinking that sounds impossible. And of course, frequency depends on a number of factors:

For Fine Hair:

People with fine hair know that-regardless of how much oil is in it-by day two or three, their hair is going to at least look greasy. You can do two things about this: use dry shampoo, or make a point to buy volumizing products in order to get another day or two out of your wash. If you do those things (and, if it's greasy, address the amount of oil in your hair,) nobody will be able to tell you're in between wash days. Try to shoot for washing your hair once every two or three days.

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For Kinky/Curly Hair:

If you have kinky/curly hair, you get to avoid, for the most part, your hair looking oily. So your focus has to be on keeping it healthy and clean-and unfortunately, those two things are sometimes at odds, especially when it comes to shampoo. Washing it daily is a surefire way to dry out and break your hair, so you have to find a way around it. Your primary focus should be to keep your hair hydrated. Replacing your shampoo by co-washing is your best-and healthiest-bet.

What is co-wash?

Co-washing is conditioning your hair without shampooing. However, the term "co-wash" has started to be used to describe a category of non-stripping hair washes as well.

Because there are so many forms of curly and kinky hair, there is no exact way to quantify how often you'll need to wash your hair with shampoo. Depending on how your hair takes to co-washing, you won't want to wash it for three to five days.

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For Normal Hair:

"Normal" hair is hard to achieve, but even it would be best served by slowing down on washing. See if you can use a co-wash or a dry shampoo to extend time between washes if you feel the need to wash your hair every day, but if not, washing every two to three days should be fine.

For Oily Hair:

Because your hair can be any type and still be oily, you want to find ways to manage the oil before considering your hair thickness, etc. Try to see if you can get use of the co-washes up to once every other wash. Eventually, you'll be able to replace shampoo with it more and more as your scalp stops trying to compensate for the lack of oil. However, because some people have hair that's naturally oilier than others', the ratio of shampooing to using shampoo alternatives will always be based on personal preference.

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For Chemically Treated Hair:

“If your hair has been colored or chemically treated, avoid shampoos with sulfates and parabens," Anderson advises. "I recommend gentle products, free of harsh ingredients." You want to take serious precautions to avoid breaking your hair, so try to wash as little as possible-once every three days is optimal, although it might take you a bit to get there.

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Washing Best Practices

“If your hair has been colored or chemically treated, avoid shampoos with sulfates and parabens," he advises. "I recommend gentle products, free of harsh ingredients."

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Turns out, just like with skin, hot water is a no-go for your hair. "Avoid hot water if you color your hair," says Anderson. "It opens the cuticle and can strip the color. I recommend washing and rinsing hair in lukewarm to cool water." An open cuticle can also leave hair frizzy; your hair is more likely to snap and weaken after a hot shower than one that ends with cool water.

And finally, Anderson says to ease up on the conditioner, or at least be careful about where you put it. "Most people don't realize that while shampoo goes on the scalp, conditioner should be applied on the mid-ends. Shampoo cleanses the scalp, while conditioner on the scalp can make the hair have less volume."

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This story was originally published on February 9, 2015, and has been updated.