It's Official: This Color-Changing Lipstick Is the Coolest Thing We've Ever Seen

Isabella Behravan

I. Hate. Lipstick. (Say that with the same inflection as Oprah talking about bread.) I know it's hardly a popular opinion-especially as a beauty editor-but it's the truth. I find most lippies messy, drying, and ultimately unworthy of the trouble.

So when a formula comes along that I not only can tolerate but also actually like, it's a momentous occasion indeed. Rituel de Fille's beautifully pigmented Enchanted Lip Sheers ($21) fall under this category, as does Glossier's demi-matte Generation G ($18) collection. And now, I can add a (very) little-known brand called Sassy Lips to this discerning mix.

Before we even dive into how well these lipsticks work, we could start by focusing on sheer curb appeal, and I do mean sheer-the lip colors in the brand's Make the Moment collection are translucent and technicolored, and each enclose tiny little flowers and gold flakes, giving the illusion of encased amber.

Isabella Behravan

But Beauty and the Beast allusions aside, the magic really happens when you swipe them on. The hue transforms according to your body's pH, leaving you with a pinkish stain that's specifically flattering to you. The best part: They're demi-permanent, so that natural-looking flush stays put.

And they really do differ from person to person. On me, the color settles to a muted deep pink, while on associate features editor Amanda, it was more of a punchy bright fuchsia (that, it must be said, looked phenomenal).

As far as consistency, the brand's description of the formulas as halfway between lipstick and lip gloss is pretty accurate-they're soft and balm-like but deposit a pigment that can withstand coffee, lunch, and everything in between. (As far as I'm concerned, that's pretty ideal.)


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All in all, they strike the perfect balance between playful and practical-a grown-up nod to myВ inner '90s kid.В When I'm wearing run-of-the-mill lipstick, all I can think about is the fact that I'm wearing lipstick. (Is it on my teeth? Did it smear on my cheek? My shirt? No seriously-is it on my teeth?) Aside from the initial fun of watching the color change before my eyes, I ultimately forget that I'm wearing this formula altogether… until I catch a glimpse of that oh-so-flattering berry stain in the mirror.В

Stay tuned for a closer look at how the Sassy Lips Make the Moment collection looks on different skin tones.