3 Smart Workout Hacks That Will Save Your Hair

Exercise is great for your body-cardio strengthens your heart and lifting weights builds lean shapely limbs. Not to mention the high you get from all those post-workout endorphins! But the thing is, that spin/barre/running obsession (delete as applicable)-or rather the hair washing after every session-can ruin your hair. Which is why, from someone who exercises a lot, I wanted to share the three most useful hair tips I picked up while I was training for my personal training qualification (and being a beauty editor). Keep scrolling for the hacks that will save your hair.


You have to shower before entering a swimming pool anyway (I never understood that rule), so while you're at it give your hair a good soaking. Hair hero Charles Worthington once told me that if you saturate your hair with clean water, less of the chlorinated water can seep in and dry out your tresses (or worse ruin your colour!). Make sure when you shower after your swim that you use a shampoo specially formulated to tackle the chlorine like Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body CleanserВ (ВЈ18).


This hack seems so obvious now. No one ever looks their best at the gym, so what does it matter if you've worked a hair mask into your hair before scraping it back into a bun? The heat your body creates duringВ exercise will help the mask penetrate your hair more effectively, so you're treating while you're training. Go for a relatively lightweight mask like Philip Kingsley ElasticizerВ (ВЈ30).


If you're headed to an early morning yoga or Pilates session and you know you won't reallyВ need to shampooВ afterwards then be prepared. Wash your hair the night before. Once it's towel dried, create a centre parting and braid each side. The braids won'tВ get in the way like a ponytail would when you're doing your mat work, and once you're finished you can unravel them and work some dry shampoo like Balmain Travel Size Dry ShampooВ (ВЈ8) through with your fingers. Hey, presto! Beachy waves.

What are your hair hacks for working out? Share them in the comment box below.