Rita Ora Aced 10 Hair Changes at the MTV EMAs

Ian West / Getty Images

Rita Ora hosted the European Music Awards, and while it's commonplace to make numerous outfit changes for these gigs, Ora called on her hairstylist Brent Lawler to switch up her hair each time she changed her clothes too.В

“I created 10 looks for Rita for last night's EMAs,” Lawler told Byrdie UK. “For some of the looks, I had just three minutes to create them!”

Lawler was using ghdВ Nocturne collectionВ because when it comes to styling hair (especially at lightning speed), you need good, reliable tools to get the job done.

Here are our favorite Rita looks from the EMAs and how to re-create them at home. We're planning to try a few of these for the upcoming party season. You?

Hollywood Glamour

Dave J Hogan / Getty Images / Stringer

“Rita was wearing a long sequined gown and wanted to have a very set and glamorous hair look,” says Lawler. “I used the ghdВ Curve Nocturne Soft Curl Tong like you would use rollers. Curling the hair section by section back from the face and holding in place until cooled. Then I added a little back-combing at the roots and ghdВ Final Fix Hairspray. Finally, the hair was brushed out with the ghdВ Oval Dressing Brush to give a Hollywood glamour finish.”В

Editorial Blonde


“I wanted Rita to have a high-fashion moment, with a very blunt and severe platinum blonde bob,” Lawler told us. “To create the asymmetrical, sleek and super-straight bob, I used the ghd Platinum Nocturne Styler, pressing the hair section by section to make sure every hair was completely poker straight and smooth.”

Golden Glitz


“This is Rita's golden glitz and glamour. The large ghd curve nocturne soft curl tong was used on the very ends of the wig, in sections all around the face. These sections were then gelled down to sit flat around her face, framing the face and giving the appearance of old 1920s finger waves but more modern,” explains Lawler.

“I then placed a net over the head and dried it with the nocturne ghdВ air hairdryer on a very slow and medium heat. Once dried I sprayed the hair with gold hair paint and finished the look by adding Swarovski crystals. She is wearing Maison Margiela, and we thought it was important to stay in the DNA of the designer and bring some magic to the night.”В

Polished Waves


“This look is more dressed hair. I curled it with ghd curve nocturne soft curl tong and then flat ironed the roots with the ghd platinum nocturne styler to lay the hair flat and make the hair feel much more groomed and glamorous. To finish the look, I sprayed the hair with ghd final fix hairspray and ghd final shine spray ($14).”

The Smashing Red Bob


“We thought that we should do a burst of color in the show. Rita is wearing Comme des Garçons, and I thought we should do a very textured look, so we used the ghd contour professional crimper ($169) just at the roots to give instant root lift. And then the ghd platinum nocturne styler was used on the ends to make the hair spiked and give it a more modern texture.”

Textured Pony


“Rita and I wanted to create a fresh, fashion-forward and modern look. A crimped high ponytail was what we decided on, giving the ponytail lots of volume and lift using the ghd contour professional crimper ($169).

“Hair was blow-dried using the ghd air hairdryer and large ghd ceramic vented radial brush to get lots of root lift. Although the ponytail was very sleek, we still wanted what's in the ponytail to have volume. The hair was pulled back nice and tight, then secured high on the top of the head. I sectioned off small sections of the ponytail and crimped the hair using ghd contour, holding down for a few seconds until I got a nice strong indentation, which gave maximum volume when brushed out. After crimping all of the sections, I brushed through the ponytail and sprayed with ghd final fix hairspray to give a super-full and almost flyaway big ponytail, secured with a cute ribbon.”

Fashion Fantasy


“Saving the best 'til last! Rita was wearing Vivienne Westwood, and I wanted to do something very over the top and creative with her hair. I straightened Rita's hair with the ghd platinum nocturne styler; it's impossible to do this look unless the hair is completely straight.

“We pared the hair in the middle and pulled it high up on the crown into a chignon; the rest of the hair we braided into small braids from the chignon down the back of her neck to mirror the same shape as the earrings and headpiece we had made for this finale look. It's pure couture-a fashion fantasy!"