Reviewed: The Beauty Supplement You Can Drink With Champagne

What would you say if you were presented with a rose-based supplement that promised to clear and brighten skin as well as calm your body? How about if it came cocktail-style, mixed into a delicious saucer of champagne? This may sound like a luxurious (and far out) dream come true, but there's a brand-new supplement in town… and its beauty-boosting effects are as real as your crush on Eddie Redmayne. Introducing: Cilk's Rose Water Rose Extract ($79).

Cilk Rose Water Rose Extract $79Shop

The story behind Cilk is almost as lovely as the creation itself. Founder Chanelle Louise had aspirations to create a premium product that channelled the old world romance of rosewater, but went beyond regular skincare (think: WelleCo's Super Elixir, $145, The Beauty Chef's Glow Inner Beauty Powder, $60). “I have always used rosewater on my skin, mainly for its hydrating effects, however I felt it was only sinking into the surface-I wanted to gain the full benefits of this ancient ingredient from the inside out,” she says. The result? The brand's first-ever product, made from certified organic roses, cold pressed hibiscus and pure vanilla.

First off, it smells like an absolute dream. Imagine a pile of sugar-dusted Turkish delight and fluffy clouds of vanilla cream and you're close. It also comes hand-bottled in a chic glass flacon-which should be stored in the fridge once opened BTW-and is a welcome addition to everything from smoothie bowls to the aforementioned champagne. We were immediately taken with everything about this luxe liquid, but one question remained-does it really have beauty-boosting properties? Louise says yes: “Just as rosewater cleanses the skin when applied topically, when taken internally the anti-inflammatory properties aid the digestive system which has a direct effect on clearing the skin.” We put the extract to the test; consuming it daily for 30 days. We prepared it in multiple ways, but mainly added a few potent drops to soda water along with a squeeze of lime. While we can't say for certain that the extract alone boosted our complexions, we can say it made sipping H20 a pleasure, which-according to Louise-is half the point: “Maintaining or enhancing your natural beauty shouldn't be a chore, it should feel like a luxury experience every day.” Word.

We love the idea of ingesting this romantic rose elixir so we'll be sticking withВ our new favourite water additive. Bonus: It compliments our obsession with rosewater-infused skincare. Want the bestВ of both worlds, too?В Keep scrolling to shop three stellar rose-infused products.


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