I Hated Drinking Water-Until I Tried These Magical Rose Drops

Drinking water to me has always seemed like an unpleasant but necessary part of life, much like doing laundry or staying friends with exes on social media under the pretense of maturity. I wish I enjoyed drinking water. Every celebrity and model credits it for her perfect skin (though I always regard them with suspicion), and I watch people, like Byrdie's beauty director Deven, who have a zest and passion for the tasteless fluid (for real: girl has gone to a water tasting), and I feel a twinge of forlornness. As my co-workers and seemingly everyone in the world jumped on the La Croix bandwagon, I could only sip the weird, fizzy water alternative and nod along half-heartedly, wondering what all the fuss was about. Why couldn't I, too, have been blessed with the gene that helps one enjoy-even crave-water? Why did I have to be subjected to craving much tastier but worse-for-me things like spicy margaritas and ramen noodles? Luckily, I have people around me who force me to drink water-like my boyfriend, who makes me drink a glass of the tasteless, life-giving cloud byproduct before bed even when I quite literally thrash about like a petulant 2-year-old (not proud of this behavior, just being honest).

Courtesy of Cilk

Then I came upon some magical rosewater drops, and things changed. Cilk Inner Beauty Rose Extract hails from Australia, the land of Miranda Kerr and other perpetually sun-kissed beings, and has done the impossible task of making the whole water-drinking process actually enjoyable.

I have tried other “rose waters,” which usually end up tasting exactly like the stuff you would apply to your face with a cotton pad or spritz on your face throughout the day-in other words, inedible. Cilk, instead, allows you to adjust how strong or light the rose flavor is. I usually add 10 or more drops in a water bottle and watch the clear liquid turn to the most delightful and Instagrammable shade of light pink. It ends up looking a bit like rosé, which in turn tricks my brain into thinking I'm drinking rosé, which in turn makes me very happy.

Founder Chanelle Louise infuses pure rose water from certified organic roses with a touch of hibiscus and vanilla, and it ends up making bland water taste utterly luxurious. Make no mistake-the water doesn't sweeten, but instead tastes smoother and just a tad creamier (I know how weird creamy water sounds, but you'll just have to trust me on this one). It turns into the water of aristocrats-what I imagine Marie Antoinette would sip on when she was getting her wig fitted between snacking on bites of cake.

Courtesy of Cilk

And there are beauty benefits. Rose water has natural antibacterial properties, and Louise says the combination of rose water, hibiscus, and vanilla can do everything from protecting your body from free radicals to keeping your metabolism in tip-top shape. Even if there were no health benefits, I'd still treasure this product because it has made drinking water a considerably less miserable experience. I keep a vial of it on my desk and sprinkle the liquid into my water bottle-and actually find myself refilling. Small miracles.

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