11 Times Carrie Bradshaw Made Curls Look Good

In the list of TV and film characters we look to for beauty inspo, Carrie Bradshaw is up there. Many a love letter has been penned to her style sensibilities (c/o SATC stylist Patricia Field), but we'd argue that Bradshaw's hair was just as covetable, if not more so. Earlier this year we saw Jennifer Lawrence replicate it at the Oscars, and in the show it was practically a character, in and of itself. Proof: The scene in which Bradshaw likens herself to a real-life Katie from The Way We Were with her complicated c-c-c-curls: "The world is made up of two types of women; the simple girls and the Katie girls… " We've never wanted curly hair more.

In honour of curly-haired girls (and complicated girls) everywhere, we've compiled 11 of Bradshaw's best-ever hair looks.

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Marie Claire

Classic Carrie curls. This centre-parted look made us wish we had SJP's natural texture so much that it sent us in search of a small-barreled curling iron (and lots of mousse) to DIY.


A simple half-up, half-down 'do is easy to style and looks extra special on curly hair. (It also works well for showing off that other cool again noughties trend-oversized hoop earrings.)


Who says curly hair can't go slick? The beauty of this style is the play in textures. To get the look, make like Carrie (or SJP's stylist, anyway) and sleek back theВ top of your hair, leaving theВ bun wavy.


There is so much to love about this look. (That outfit for starters!) Carrie's hair still managed to steal the show with a lion-esque mane coming courtesy of that brushed out texture.

In Style

Remember when Carrie ditched her blondeВ strands for this subtly sun-kissed brunette hue? The chic shade was complimented by a simple, naturally-textured low ponytail.


For curly girls a glossy, polished wave like this starts with a smooth, blowdried base. A large-barreled tong (like Ghd's Curve Classic Wave Wand, $230) and glossy hairspray does the rest.


Think curly hair can't go short? Peep the bob that inspired many a wavy-haired girl to follow suit.В

Into the Gloss

Proof a simple tuck-behind-the-ear is sometimes all you need to switch up your style. That, and an oversized flower brooch.


Sort, blonde and super-chic, we can't get enough of Carrie's Vogue look. The curl is more wave, less ringlet, resulting in thatВ effortlessВ French girl feelВ we love so much.

The Coveteur

Carrie is Queen of accessories in every form, but she really knows how to work a hat. (Also, headscarves.) Jumbo curls and lotsa volumeВ ensure her hat looks intentional, not like a cover-up for a bad hair day.В

Into the Gloss

Like raisinВ lipstick and tattoo chokers, this '90s-esque styleВ suddenly feels fresh again. To bring itВ into 2018, keep some volume at the roots, and don't forget to highlight the cheekbonesВ you've just put on show.

WhichВ TV character do you look to for beauty inspo? Sound off below.

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