10 Beauty Brands You've Probably Never Heard of but Need to Try

There's nothing we love more than discovering new and incredible beauty brands and then telling Byrdie readers all about them. Our desks often resemble a very fancy jumble sale with many gorgeous beauty products surrounding our computers (we know, it's a tough life). Recently, however, we've received an increasing number of brilliant British beauty products, which led us to think about all the cool, niche brands we should shout about more.В

From chicly packaged skincare serums that tackle every possible problem you might have to a seductive yet fresh new perfume that we're all wearing in the Byrdie office, there are plenty of brands you need to know about right now (before everyone else finds out about them). Keep scrolling to click through our gallery of the best niche British brands to shop right now.

Romilly Wilde Idle $90Shop

The first thing you should know about Idle by British brand Romilly Wilde is that the whole of the Byrdie office is obsessed with it-like La Labo Santal 33В levels of obsession. The scent contains Jasmine (which is as calming as valium), but don't worry if you're not a fan of florals. The woody and musky notes that run through it make it seductive while still being fresh at the same time.В

Haeckels Fennel Hand Cleanser $24Shop

This editor stumbled across this brand last year when on holiday in Margate. The pared-back shop and enticing clean smells drew us in. This incredible hand wash left our skinВ feeling clean (it even kills bacteria) with no tightness, thanks to the natural seaweed in the product,В while vitamin B and sodium repairs damaged hands and keeps them hydrated. Haeckels is now stocked in Selfridges, so you should jump on this brand before everyone else says they found it first.В

The Nue Co Debloat Food and Prebiotic $55Shop

If you didn't know already, we're obsessed with all things to do with the gut (like the epic SymproveВ probiotic that our editorial director swears by). We know that good bacteria is vital for keeping our digestive system working efficiently, as well as helping to balance out our moods (why it's often dubbed the second brain). So how can you ensure that you get the right balance? This prebiotic powder, created by British brand The Nue Co, is great for adding to milk or smoothies and helps to feed your good bacteria and aid with debloating.В

Guy Morgan Himalayan Salt $24Shop

Looking for more than just a bit of bubble bath to help you relax? Try Guy Morgan Apothecary salts with a refreshing mix of essential oils. According to Morgan's site, the restorative properties of the stuff were discovered by King Alexander's troops in 320 BC, when these salts were noted to have recovered ailing horses of the army after licking the rock salt stone. Soak tired muscles to help repair your body.

Living Sea Therapy Calm Sea Salt Flake Crystals Bath Salts $18Shop

This new bodycare brand (launching April) comes from Cornwall and its products harness the rich skincare benefits of the locally-sourced ingredients: minerals from theВ Cornish waters off the Lizard Peninsula, including naturally hydrating magnesium and potassium. Wild seaweed rich in amino acids and vitamins, as well as Cornish sea salt. The range includes bath salts, body wash and lotions which detoxify and smooth the skin, as well as tackling post-workout aches and cellulite. You'll be left with skinВ so soft and supple it will be like you've spent a week on aВ beach.В

Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder $26Shop

Just because makeup is cheaper doesn't mean that it's bad. You can shop Beauty Pie in two different ways: either purchase one-off products and get them full price, or you can join the club and get discounted items that cost as little as ВЈ3. We've tried this face powder and it's incredible: It sets your makeup, leaves no sheen, and makes your face glow.В

Sister & Co Raw Coconut Lip Tonic Rose Otto & Cardamom $9Shop

Sister & Co prides itself on using completely natural ingredients. Ethical fashion advocate and megastar Emma Watson loves this brand too (she can't do without its charcoal teeth whitener). We particularly love this lip tonic that is made from avocado, almond oils, and shea butter to help nourish dry skin.

Soaper Duper Ginger And Sea Salt Body Scrub $8Shop

This naturally derived line of beauty products contains no microbeads, parabens, or phthalates and supports WaterAid and Clean the World by providing soap and water to communities that need it. But it's not just got a conscience, the products also smell nice and don't cost half your rent. В

Skin Design London On the Spot the Superstar Serums $105Shop

Other than the beautifully designed packaging (and it really is), Skin Design London is lauded by the beauty industry for offering incredible results. It's not cheap, no, but when you have problem skin this acne-busting serum might be just what you need.В

No. 22 Laundry Room Candle $38Shop

When a product is created by a beauty editor, you know it's going to be good. Well,В we test every beauty product imaginable. ELLEВ UK's beauty director, Sophie Beresiner, created a line of gorgeous candles, including Laundry Room that is "reminiscent of white towels fresh from the machine." There aren't enough heart-eye emojis in the world to show how we feel about that.В