A Brazilian Model Shares All of Her Beauty Secrets

Vickatrillion: Commit the name to memory, because you're about to start seeing it everywhere. Victoria Brito-Vickatrillion to her fans-is one of the fresh new faces chosen to front the campaign for Calvin Klein's latest fragrance, CK2. What makes this campaign different from the logo waistband-flaunting ones of yore? For one, the brand has dubbed CK2 a “gender-free fragrance,” which, yes, is probably just a sexier way to say unisex, but the intention is there. The fragrance promises to “celebrate the diversity of connections between two people, free of labels,” a message we can fully get behind. Secondly, the company has forgone recognizable faces like Abbey Lee Kershaw in favor of another route. From Kanye muse Luka Sabbat to striking twins Kelsey and Baylee Soles to Brito herself (a Brazilian who raps, dances, and models), the “Calvin crew” for this campaign is fresher, newer, and more intriguing than in years past.

We had a chance to catch up with the platinum-haired muse herself and talk all things beauty-more specifically, any and all of the beauty secrets she learned from her home country. Lest you expect any vague, model-y answers like “I drink lots of water!”, we'll say this: Brito is not like other models. From potato slices for under-eye bags to a daily face exercise, Brito schooled us on beauty like no other model has before (well, except for maybe Anja Rubik). Keep scrolling to find out all her beauty secrets!

Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Byrdie: How would you describe your beauty style? Is it similar to or different from your fashion style?

Victoria Brito: I think they kind of go hand in hand, because they really tend to balance each other out. My beauty style is usually pretty simple. I do moisturizer and mascara, and I'm ready to go. For fashion, I tend to go all-out. I live in New York, for god's sake! I'm not afraid to have fun or show a little skin. Sometimes I'll do heavier makeup and balance it out with a tomboy look, but for every day, my go-to style is jeans, a white tank or tee, and sneakers.

Byrdie: Describe your morning routine-go!

VB: I really believe that washing your face in the morning is the most important thing you can do for yourself every day to really hydrate the skin. I use Neutrogena's Ultra Gentle Cleanser ($9) in the white bottle. I also have a basic Nivea Cream ($8) that I use, the Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream ($4). I feel like it's the perfect amount of moisture because you don't want to overdo it and be all gooey. I also have this face exercise I do every day where I put my middle fingers up near my temples and my thumbs at the top of my cheekbones, and kind of pull my whole face up for about 10 minutes and hold it in place. I swear it keeps everything looking and feeling lifted. Then I add a Chanel Mascara ($32) and the CK One Color Mousse Concealer ($20) under my eyes and I'm out the door.

Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Byrdie: Your platinum hair is one of your signature features. Tell us about that journey.

VB: I used to lighten my hair naturally using a mixture of milk, chamomile tea, and lemon juice, but then two years ago, I did a shoot for Teen Vogue about platinum hair, and they asked me to dye it more drastically for the piece. I was so nervous and didn't think it was “me,” but they told me how great it would look on me, so I went for it, and I am SO glad I listened! It has now become my signature, and I couldn't imagine it any other way. Right now, I can't imagine ever changing it.

Byrdie: How do you keep it healthy between all the long hours on sets and shoots?

VB: My goal for this year is to be more careful with my hair and really work on maintaining it. Here's a fun trick: Take coconut oil, put it all over your hair under a beanie cap or shower cap, and sleep with it in. It's the best thing to relieve breakage and keep it healthy. I do this four to five times a month. I also swear by Fantasia IC Hair Polisher With Aloe Vera ($6). Nothing makes your hair shinier! I put it on right after a shower if my hair is dry, to really hydrate it and make it look and feel super healthy. When I'm not on set, I always let my hair air dry to give it a break from heat. I get my roots touched up about twice a month, so it's important to treat it carefully!

Byrdie: CK2 is a gender-free fragrance. What does it mean to you to be a part of the campaign?

VB: It's such an honor. It's amazing. I think of Kate Moss and Marky Mark and all the iconic personalities that have been involved with CK fragrance and fashion campaigns in the past, and I am absolutely honored to be among them. I can't wait to walk into Macy's and see my face looking back at me in the campaign. Such a surreal moment in my career! Regarding being gender-free, I think we are lucky to be part of a generation right now where it's okay to be you, just as you are. It's a really beautiful thing. I think it's great that CK is taking such a big topic and really putting it out there with this launch. I don't care who you sleep with, who you date, if you wanna be a man today, a woman tomorrow, if you wanna dress however-that doesn't matter. In the end, we are all humans, and we all deserve love and respect.


Byrdie: Do you feel like your Brazilian roots have influenced your beauty routine at all?

VB: Definitely. It's influenced me in so many ways. I don't trust a lot of prepackaged products and would rather go into my pantry and say, “I wonder what would happen if I mixed this ingredient with this one.” Brazilian women are all about beauty rituals. I swear, in Brazil it's all about the food, the people, Jesus, and rituals. I've learned so many tips and tricks from my mother and grandmother just using regular household items.

Byrdie: Please tell.

VB: For example, to get rid of dark circles, take a potato, cut it into slices like a pepperoni, and put one slice over each eye for about 15 to 20 minutes once a week. I swear, after doing it about five times, you'll start to see a drastic reduction of dark circles. The potato literally starts to get dark and shrivel up while you use it-it's crazy! My mom taught me that. Also, to get rid of blackheads, grab a cup, fill it with sugar, then grab half a lemon, squeeze out all the lemon juice, and rub the mixture onto your skin for five minutes and it will feel like a baby's bottom. For less than $1! I do that once a week, usually on Sunday night.

Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Byrdie: If you had to choose a beauty icon, it would be…

VB: Iman, no question. I had the opportunity to meet her on a modeling job when I was younger, and she was so warm and gracious to me. She was really encouraging and complimentary of my work; I couldn't believe it. What I love most about her is her aura; I'm really big on auras. I love how striking she is and how cool, calm, and collected she is. She's extremely confident in herself and not afraid to help other people achieve their dreams. My thoughts are definitely with her right now with the loss of her husband.

Byrdie: When you're dancing, you feel…

VB: Like I can take over the world.

Byrdie: Last question! If you could learn the beauty secrets of anyone in the world, it would be…

VB: Gisele! Are you kidding me? Can we discuss how she has a child and a month later emerges looking even more flawless than before? I'm blessed with the body I have, but either I need to start standing on my head, find myself a Tom Brady look-alike, start drinking some kind of voodoo juice. I don't know how she does it!

CK2 ($18-$75) will be available for purchase February 2-in the meantime, you can preorder the scent on

Watch the new video campaign featuring Vickatrillion below! And for more beauty tips from Calvin Klein models, read our interview with Abbey Lee Kershaw.