This Is Exactly How Celeb Hairstylists Create Faux Lobs on the Red Carpet

Whenever we see celebs hit the red carpet with unexpected haircuts, we do our best to sleuth out the truth: Is the haircut real, born from a pair of shiny scissor blades? Or is it a masterful illusion, crafted at the hands of an expert magician (aka a hairstylist)?

That was the case when we saw Blake Lively's latest look. She appeared at a New York screening of her new movie, All I See is You, with a bright red lip and voluminous lob. We couldn't be sure that it wasn't real, but we had our suspicions since she's never deviated from the long, golden locks that we know and love.

We'd soon learn that our suspicions were correct. Her hairstylist Rod Ortega created this look with "the tuck." This is his name for the process of styling long hair into a faux lob. If you immediately picture it as a long and arduous process, think again. Ortega opened up, describing each step of the style, along with the products he used to achieve it.

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First, Ortega started with Lively's wet hair. He blow-dried it using the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer ($250) for a smooth finish before creating the side part. "Next," he explains, "I took a two-inch section right at the nape of the neck and created a braid. I then took the braid and shaped it horizontally against the nape of the neck, pinning with bobby pins until it was completely secure." This pinned-up braid would serve as the "pincushion," aka a place to anchor the rest of the hair.

Next, Ortega reached for the T3 Voluminous Curls 1.5 Inch Barrel ($85) to add body and texture to Lively's hair. He just curled, pinned, and repeated until all of her hair was done, and then he spritzed L'OrГ©al's Elnett Hairspray ($12) throughout. Simple enough so far, right? And there are only a few steps left.В

After he brushed the curls out for a more voluminous look, he created the tuck. "I split hair into three sections," he said. "The first section I worked with was the back of the head (from ear to ear). I then rolled the hair up from the bottom and used hair pins to anchor the rolled hair to the braided pin cushion. This large back section gives the tuck width, so the sides can blend easily."

After the back section was pinned into the braid at the nape of Lively's neck, he pinned each side section too. All that was left to do was to shape and pull out face-framing pieces with his fingers. Et voilГ ! Although it might take a little practice to get right, the entire process is actually quite simple, seeing as it's such a realistic and chic result.

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