Victoria Beckham on Her New Line: "We Wanted to Create a Beauty Brand of the Future"

When businesswoman, fashion designer, former Spice Girl and all-around badass Victoria Beckham sat down to tell us about her latest beauty launch, the focus wasn't just about why we should all line up to buy the product (although we still will, TBH). For Beckham, the future of beauty isn't about the next big trend-it's about clean ingredients and sustainability. That's precisely why her new Lip Collection, the second wave of product launches in her new eponymous beauty line, Victoria Beckham Beauty, are formulated with only clean ingredients and housed in consciously designed packaging.В

For her Lip Collection, which includes Lip Definer, a collection of vitamin-E infused liners in six shades of nude carefully chosen to flatter all skin tones, and Bitten Lip Tint, a gel-like colour with a natural-matte finish, Beckham continued her commitment to using only clean ingredients (which are helpfully outlined in aВ glossary on the brand website). Her team also designed sustainable packaging for the products, which includes minimal plastic, 100% post-consumer waste outer packaging and biodegradable foam.В В

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Beckham's entire foray into beauty, she says, was inspired by the lack of transparency about product ingredients in the beauty space. “I was doing a lot of research and I was walking around department stores and I was asking people who worked with different beauty brands what ingredients were in the formulas,” Beckham explains. “Nobody could tell me. It was a bit of a minefield to be honest with you, and it took me a lot of time to really educate myself and get the information that I wanted, which is another reason why it was key for us to make everything that we had learned very transparent on our website as well.”

This commitment to clean ingredients even extends into Beckham's home life, all the way to her eight-year-old daughter Harper, who ”won't actually let me use anything in her hair, when I'm washing her hair, or anything in the bath, unless she knows that it's clean,” Beckham says. “And she wants to know about packaging and how much plastic you use… She cares, and she's eight years old.”

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I think we can all agree that when it comes to beauty product ingredients, brand transparency is becoming increasingly important to consumers (as it well should). Instead of simply naming what's not in her products, though, Beckham hopes to start a dialogue about the beneficial, non-toxic ingredients that are in the formulations-and how using them doesn't sacrifice efficacy.

We wanted to create a beauty brand of the future.

“I really want to create what, as a consumer, I want, but to really have a focus on sustainability and clean… without compromising with how active the products are,” Beckham says. “We wanted to create a beauty brand of the future. That is key. And you cannot do that without using the voice that you have in a responsible way.”

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