The Best French Pharmacy Brand Makeup Wipe Out There, According to Us


While it's true I'm fond of using hyperbole for effect, I'm not exaggerating when I say that quite possibly the best French pharmacy makeup wipes in existence have just hit our shores. That's right, Bioderma's cult Sensibio H2O SolutionВ (formerly called Crealine) is available in cleansing towelette form. OH, HAPPY DAY. Officially one of the most popular French beauty products on the internet, over the years the fragrance-free drugstore cleanser has become omnipresent. (You'll find it everywhere from backstage at fashion week, to poking out ofВ Kim Kardashian West's beauty bag.) As of this month, all the rinse-freeВ cleansing benefits we've enjoyed thus far, can also be appreciated on the go. Enriched with the same gentle formula, the new wipes are a good pick for those with sensitive skin and/or eyes. (Also, lazy people-huzzah!)

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