7 Foods That Will Eliminate Your Hangover in Record Time


New Year's Eve is just days away, and as much as we're thinking about getting dressed up and ringing in 2019 with our nearest and dearest, we're also anticipating the after-effects of such festivities on New Year's Day. Cue the dreaded hangover. Yes, despite our best intentions, the morning after merrymaking (aka throwing back champagne and plowing through Instagram-ready cocktails) can be a doozy. But just because you spent the night overindulging doesn't mean your body has to spend the first day of the year paying for it.

To aid your post-NYE ills, we've rounded up a list of ways to cure your hangover. The best part? You can eat your way to better health (or at least tame your headache and stomach woes) with these nutritious remedies. So in case you overdo it with the drinks and find yourself suffering on the first day of the year, read on to see what home cures might be hiding out in your kitchen or local supermarket. Keep scrolling to see all the foods (and drinks) to add to your grocery that will cure your hangover.



As tempting as it is to go for greasy, fatty food choices to get you through the day, sticking to healthy superfoods is actually the best strategy. Kick-off your morning (or afternoon) with a hot bowl of filling oatmeal porridge. It's a healthy way to get the carbohydrates your body craves after a night of drinking. Plus, you'll be loading up on calcium, vitamin B, magnesium and iron.


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Fructose digests at the same rate as alcohol, so consuming a healthy dose of honey during a hangover forces your body to get rid of the alcohol in your system faster. It also helps your body recover from the hypoglycemia (aka low blood glucose) brought on by drinking. Top off your morning oats with some honey, stir it into some yogurt (probiotics also help cure hangovers), or add it to some soothing tea.



This breakfast staple is especially great on a morning when you're experiencing a hangover. Eggs are a rich source ofВ amino acidsВ like cysteine, which breaks down headache-causing chemicals. They're also aВ good source of taurine, which boosts liver function.

Coconut Water

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Instead of chugging sugary sports drinks (not beneficial to your health or hangover), opt for Mother Nature's offering. Coconut water contains electrolytes like potassium as well as antioxidants to restore your body after a long night.

Pickle Juice


Unless pickles were to blame for your nasty hangover, pickle juice is a delightfully odd cure worth trying. Though the taste is not for everyone, if you can stomach the sour liquid, a shot of it can help ease your woes. The vinegar, salt, and water found in pickle juice help to replenish your body'sВ electrolyte and sodium levels. Not a fan of the juice? Eat the pickles by themselves for the same results.



This fruit is loaded with potassium,В an important electrolyteВ that can deplete after consuming large amounts of alcohol. Incorporate a banana into your diet as soon as you wake up-either as an oatmeal topping, in a smoothie, or by itself.


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Last but not least: Water is your best friend when it comes to curing (and preventing) hangovers. It should be the very first thing you consume when you wake up-hangover or no hangover-and you should continue drinking it liberally throughout the day. Always drink water to replenish and hydrate your body after enduring alcohol's diuretic properties.

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