The Exact Face Mask You Need, Based on Your Skin Type


Bad skin days are the worst, and no one is immune (except maybe for Bella Hadid). Mind you, a bad skin dayВ isВ different depending on your type-it might be breakouts, flaky spots, dullness, or under-eye circles the size of half-moons. The one common ground, however, is that no one wants to wake up and feel less than average when they look in the mirror, beauty editors included.В

When our normal skincare arsenalsВ aren't cutting the mustard, we call in the big guns, or in other words, a face mask. They're the quickest way to stop skin-freak-outs dead in their tracks. A quick investigation revealed our office is home to many different skin types and just as many can't-live-without-it face masks. And since we're all about sharing our most valued product recommendations, we've compiled this list of life-changing masks that the Byrdie AustraliaВ women rely on to save us when our complexion looks, well, bad.В

Keep scrolling for seven editor-approved face masks that might just change your life.

Sephora Collection Pearl Sleeping Mask $20Shop


Skin type: Normal to combination but prone to congestion.

A bad skin day looks like: Dull, ruddy and broken out.

“I got hooked on this sleeping mask following an infatuation with the matching sheet mask (also awesome). I have tried so many masks it's a little insane, but this is hands down the best. I put in on at night with full confidence that my skin will be better come morning, and it always is. My complexion is brighter, more even, and all bouncy. It even calms down angry pimples. It's always sold out at Sephora (I blame Kylie Jenner), so when I see the little pink ball on the shelf I buy in bulk. It is hands down one of the greatest skincare products I've ever used. I'll just add, it has to be the pearl variety-the others are anticlimactic (for my skin anyway).”

May Lindstrom The Problem Solver Mask $148Shop


Skin type: Normal but prone to congestion.

A bad skin day looks like: Dull and dehydrated, and broken out.

“I first discovered this stuff via the US Byrdie team and, holy smokes, I have never been more in love with a face mask. True to its name, it is a problem solver. A combo of clays, charcoal, vitamin C, and turmeric enable the powder formula to magic my skin into a brighter, more clear version of its former self. Also, it smells like cinnamon cookies-important.”

Patchology Hydrate FlashMasque 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask $44Shop


Skin type: Normal to dry.В

A bad skin day looks like: Dehydrated skin, tired eyes.

“I pop this on for five to ten minutes and instantly my skin feels renewed. I like to use it a few hours before I have an event, or as a Sunday night treat before bed. I always make sure I use the excess product in the package for my elbows and knees."

Origins Clear Improvement Mask $37Shop


Skin type: Combination and on the sensitive side.В

A bad skin day looks like: Dull, uneven texture with saucer-sized visible pores at my T-zone, and signs of impending breakouts on my chin.

“The first time I used this mask I wanted to send the Mecca employee who recommended it to me a bouquet of flowers. It's been that life-changing. After every use I end up spending 10 minutes staring at my skin in the mirror and gently patting it in awe at its new smoothness and bounciness. I can always rely on it to clear my skin to the point of making it look like I've just applied a pore-erasing primer, and unlike other deep-cleaning masks I've tried, there's no sign of flaky, dried-out areas afterwards.”

Algenist Perfect Clarifying Pore Corrector Mask $75Shop


Skin type: Normal.

A bad skin day looks like: Blocked pores, dull skin.

“I really liked this mud mask. It is quite heavy, but after using it, I feel completely refreshed and my skin feels renewed. My daily cleanser and even my exfoliant just don't give my skin that deep clean that it needs by the end of the week. I also like the L'Oréal Paris mud mask, too.”

Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque $17Shop


Skin type: Normal to dry.

A bad skin day looks like: Congested pores, uneven skin tone, heavy dark circles.

“After a couple of weeks of committing the ultimate beauty sin (read: leaving my makeup on while exercising), my skin was not having a lot of fun. My pores were congested and I had red patches all over. After using this mask my skin felt instantly hydrated, refreshed and a lot more even-I've even been bypassing foundation for the past few days. I've only used this once so far, but I have a feeling I'm going to become a repeat customer.”

SKII Facial Treatment Mask $150Shop


Skin type: Combination.В

A bad skin day looks like: Dry patches and pimples.В

“This is always a winner and well worth the cash. The luxe sheet mask hydrates my skin where needed and miraculously helps smooth my complexion while leaving my face silky soft and glowing. I'd use these every day if I could afford to.”

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