The Best Summer Candles to Burn When You're Not Quite Ready for Fall


If you're anything like us, you're not necessarily angry about the onset of fall. (The change in season ushers in suchВ attractions as cozy sweaters, crispy leaves, and the ability to go out in public without sweating off your makeup, after all.) But thatВ doesn't mean we aren't also bummed to seeВ the warmer daysВ go-which is why we highly recommend investing in a summer-centric candle toВ ride that nostalgia all the way into autumn's chillier nights. And because summer appeals to all of us in diverse ways, we went ahead and selected a scent for just about every ideal mood and activity-whether you loved spending the dog days at the beach or curled up on a hammock with a good book. Shop them all below.

If Dropping Your Phone in the Lake on a Camping Trip Was Honestly the Highlight of Your Summer…

Byredo Woods $85Shop

You're going to want a scent that feels just as off-the-grid as your vacation destination of choice. This Byredo votive features notes of cedar, jasmine, and raspberry, with a rich hit of leather that inspires visions of dusty tomes on a Sunday afternoon. Curl up in your favorite armchair-or better yet, a hammock-and turn off your phone for the full effect.

Diptyque Figuier $65Shop

This fig scent has earned its status as one of Diptyque's best-sellers thanks toВ itsВ fresh, crowd-pleasing aroma. We've also found thatВ its softnessВ translates beautifully to fall and winter, FWIW.

If Your Tan Is Mostly the Product of Tending to Your Rooftop Garden…

Boy Smells Gardener $32Shop

This cocktail of tomato, white tea, and honeysuckle lends an earthy-sweetness reserved for fresh soil, buzzing bees, and fresh herbs.

If You're Seriously Debating Moving to L.A. Because You Loathe Winter…

Jemma Sands Sunset Beach Candle $68Shop

This creamy blend of sandalwood and fig definitely nails that Left Coast vibe-even if your local weather forecast suggests otherwise.

If You're Hoping to Log a Couple More Sunset Picnics Before the Mercury Drops…

Le Feu de L'Eau Le Feu Chartreuse $65Shop

A luscious but light blend of cedar, frankincense, sandalwood, greens, and musk, this '60s-inspired votive smells as lovely as it looks.

If You're a Beach Person Through and Through…

Replica Beach Walk $62Shop

If Fresh Fruit Is Your Favorite Seasonal Indulgence…

This team Byrdie favorite, Margiela's Beach Walk, is truly a vacation in candle form. Notes of bergamot, coconut milk, pink pepper, and musk beautifully evoke the scent of salty, sandy skin for a decidedly sexier take on the typically generic "ocean" fragrance.

Nest Fragrances Grapefruit Candle $42Shop

This scent is a dead ringer for grapefruit, simple as that. And don't be surprised if you find that burning this candle puts you in a better mood-research shows that just getting a whiff of citrusy scents is enough to give your energy levels a lift.

If Your Summer Uniform Is a Linen Dress and Le Labo Santal 33…

Otherland Rattan $36Shop

We're huge fans of Otherland for its clean, sophisticated scents and Instagram-worthy design-all at a very forgiving price point. This sandalwood-heavy scent also features notes of moss and amber, lending it the earthy-chic air of a '70s bungalow.

If You're Already Planning Next Year's House Share in the Hamptons…

Tocca Montauk Candelina $20Shop

Burn this ode (eau'd?) to seagrass and salty-sweet Atlantic air as you put your crisp whites into storage andВ shake the last grains of sand from your weekend bag.

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