21 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to beauty, we've all got a few tricks up our sleeve. Whether it's the baby-powder-as-dry-shampoo trick you picked up from your bestie or the secret hot-roller technique your mom passed down, a well-mastered hack can help you escape many a beauty emergency unscathed. To supplement your ever-broadening arsenal of beauty tricks (and to save you from leaving the house feeling frazzled), we're sharing 21 hair, skin, and makeup tips we think every woman-no matter your age, location, or mastery of makeup-should know. Smudged nails and frizzy strands, begone!

Click through the slideshow above to see 21 genius beauty hacks we guarantee will change your beauty routine for the better!

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Beauty Hack #1: The Shaving Cream Swap

Out of shaving cream? Bare those legs with confidence and swap in your conditioner-it's filled with hydrating ingredients and will help you get a close, smooth shave.В

Beauty Hack #2: Use White Polish As Base

Make any nail color look more vibrant by starting with a base coat of white polish. It will make the color pop!

Beauty Hack #3: 1-Ingredient Hair Mask

Are your locks looking lifeless and dull? Look to your pantry for the answer-coconut oil makes an amazing hair mask. Click here for even more ways to use this miracle oil.

Beauty Hack #4: DIY Mattify (Lips Edition)

Make any lipstick matte with loose powder. Apply your lipstick, place a tissue over your lips, then brush over it lightly with translucent powder-the powder will seep through the tissue and mattify your lip color.

Beauty Hack #5: DIY Mattify (Nails Edition)

Love the look of matte nails? Make your own matte nail polish by mixing any loose powder eyeshadow in with a clear polish, then painting the mixture on your digits.В

Beauty Hack #6: Sticky Bobby Pins

Bobby pins slipping and sliding all over the place? Place them on a paper towel and give them a quick spritz of hairspray-these “sticky pins” will stay in your hair much better.

Beauty Hack #7: Business Card Mascara Trick

Avoid mascara smudges for good by holding up a business card behind your lashes as you apply. This works especially well with your lower lashes!

Beauty Hack #8: Blotting Paper in a Pinch

Suffering from that annoying mid-day sheen? If you're out of blotting paper, grab a toilet seat cover and tear off a small section-it will soak up excess oil and leave you shine-free in a pinch.

Beauty Hack #9: Lip Balm, Brow Tamer

If you're out of your favorite brow gel, use lip balm instead. Apply with your finger, then use a clean spooly to tame your unruly brows and set them into place.

Beauty Hack #10: Dry Your Nails Faster

Need your nail polish to dry faster? Dunk your digits in a bowl of cold water for one to three minutes to cut your drying time in half.

Beauty Hack #11: Instant Dewy Glow

Mix a dab of liquid highlighter or moisturizer in with your foundation to get that dewy, model-esque glow.

Beauty Hack #12: Save Your Shattered Makeup

Shattered eyeshadow or blush? Instead of throwing out your compact, just add a small amount of rubbing alcohol and mix it into a smooth paste. Pat it down with a spoon and let it sit overnight. Your powder will be as good as new!

Beauty Hack #13: DIY Lip Scrub

Make your own lip scrub by combining sugar with coconut or olive oil and gently rubbing over your lips. Your pout will feel softer and smoother, instantly.

Beauty Hack #14: Greek Yogurt Spot Treatment

Waking up with a monster spot on your chin is a nightmare. Treat it naturally by applying 100% Greek yogurt on it as a spot treatment-the lactic acid in it will help clear it up and the probiotics have natural bacteria-fighting properties.

Beauty Hack #15: Switch Your Snooze Technique

If you're prone to swollen, puffy eyes in the a.m., make this simple change to your snoozing habits: add and extra pillow and sleep on your back. Doing so will help fluids drain more easily and prevent a puffy face and eyes.

Beauty Hack #16: De-Puff With Tea

Steep two teabags and place them over your eyes for a brightening pick-me-up. The caffeine in tea bags will help increase circulation and depuff instantly.

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Beauty Hack #17: Tape Your Nails

Place a strip of scotch tape across your nail, paint over with polish, and peel off for a perfect French manicure.

Beauty Hack #18: The Dryer Sheet Hair Trick

Run a dryer sheet over your hair to instantly get rid of static flyaways.

Beauty Hack #19: Soften Soles Overnight

If your feet are feeling cracked and dry, rub Vaseline over them before bed and put on a pair of socks. You'll wake up to baby-soft soles.

Beauty Hack #20: The Towel T-Shirt Swap

Dry your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel. Why? The rough fibers of a towel can roughen up your hair shaft and result in frizziness.

Beauty Hack #21: Double Up Your Ponytail

Make your ponytail look longer and fuller by creating two ponytails on top of each other. Then, wrap a 1-inch section of hair around both elastics and pin it in place underneath.В

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