This Colour-Correcting Wand Finally Disguised My Dark Circles


There are many beauty products on the market that can help you look less tired but we know one thing for certain-sometimes there is no disguising the dark circles under you eyes. While your skin might look dewy (hello, BB creams), and your complexion bronzed, the under eye situation can be a problem. I've often suffered from this. Whether that's because I've had a particularly busy week at work or I've just been out a lot in the evenings and have, ahem, got a bit tipsy, there is little I've been able to do to get rid. Not even industrial-grade concealer could hide the fact that my nights have consisted of fewer than six hours of sleep.

However, when a product recently landed in the Byrdie post that promised to alter the look of my circles, I was intrigued. And even more so because it was from a very affordable brand that I know often turns out total gems, so I was more than a little excited to try it. After using it for a solid two months I can now confess I've become a total convert and happy to say that even with a lack of sleep, I'm still fresh faced. Want to find out what it is? Keep scrolling for my favourite under eye dark-circle hiding product.

Barry M Colour Correcting Wand in Yellow $5Shop

Yes, you read that correctly. Barry M, the brand renowned for super-bright nail polishes, has trumped some of the best out there with this colour-correcting wand. Over the past few weeks, a particularly busy time in the office, I've trialled the yellow version, which promises to brighten skin. And boy, did it do that.

Although I've often been reluctant about colour-correcting, put off by the fact I think I'm going to turn my face into Joseph's Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, I can now officially say I'm no longer skeptical. When applied, this product manages to instantly get rid of those dark circles.

Now, there are a few rules about applying it that are worth following. The liquid formula, which doesn't cake and glides on smoothly, is great but you really don't need much. Ideally, I would do the rest of your base first (primer, foundation etc), and then do three tiny, 5-millimetre dots under your eye before gently taking your middle finger to blend in. If the colour is slightly too bright, mix a bit of your foundation with it to ensure it matches your skin more seamlessly. And voila, you look like you've had eight hours, even when you haven't.

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