We Asked Our Facebook Group Members for the Beauty Advice Their Mothers Imparted

Glow Repose/Unsplash

Mothers and grandmothers seem to have the gift of being the gatekeepers to endless pearls of wisdom. One of our favourite ways to tap into their knowledgable resources is with their beauty advice. For many of us, these were the women who we watched applying their makeup and skincare and introduced us to the world of beauty. A lot of this advice and product recommendations have stuck with us, as they're just so good. We decided to enlist the help of our Facebook group, The British Beauty Line, asking members to share the products their mothers and grandmothers passed on to them. Trust us: You'll want to add these products to your shopping basket immediately.

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil $34Shop

This classic oil with blue orchid, patchouli and rosewood extracts is a hydrating powerhouse that leaves skin impossibly smooth. Member Amelia Conway is a fan: "My mum let me use this when I was younger if my skin felt really dry or if I'd just had a bad day. The smell always makes me think of her. While all my other friends were scared of using oils on their faces, I'd been shown the benefits by my mum for years."

Eve Lom Cleanser $55Shop

There's a reason this cleanser has reached icon status: The buttery balm melts through even the most stubborn of makeup and then nourishes it with the inclusion of chamomile and cocoa butter. Let member Jessica Emsley explain: "I had really bad acne when I was quite young, and I would attack it with all of those harsh spot treatments and clog my skin with a thick stick foundation. My mum used to give me mini facials and taught me to treat my skin carefully, and I still use the Eve Lom–í cleanser to this day."

MyVitamins Evening Primrose Oil $7Shop

One of these evening primrose oil capsules can help you on your way to getting enough gamma-linolenic acid and vitamin E, which will work on nourishing and improving skin's texture. Member Nools Collins swears by them: "My mum took these in the '70s and had beautiful skin. I still take them now in my 50s, and everyone, including beauticians, is amazed at the texture of my skin."

Chantecaille Pure Rosewater $60Shop

Rose water is healing and soothing for skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, and a spritz of this during the day will keep your skin calm and refreshed. Member Nicole Baio sings its praises: "It's natural, smells nice and has great hydrating power."

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant $28Shop

This wonder balm goes all the way back to 1930, and it's still a cult product. Perfect for dry spots, including lips, knees and elbows, one member uses the smoothing protectant "for everything" thanks to her mother's sage advice.

Nivea UV Face Suncream SPF 50 $8Shop

Franki Dac tells us her grandmother gave her some very beneficial beauty advice: "She always used Nivea sun cream, and she told me it also stopped her from getting bitten. My grandmother also had white cloths to cover her face when she was sunbathing too." Nivea has reformulated its SPF and this light mousse with UVA/UVB protection will keep you safe without weighing your skin down.

The Body Shop Foundation Brush $12Shop

You can rely on The Body Shop's cruelty-free brushes for a radiant and pro-level base. One of The British Beauty Line's members has been using them ever since she saw her mum use Body Shop brushes exclusively: "She absolutely loved them," the reader added.

Atrixo Intensive Protection Hand Cream $5Shop

This dense cream with nourishing aloe vera and glycerin is just what dry hands need for intense moisture. So much moisture, in fact, that you won't need to constantly reapply it. Member Kimberley Ho-A-Shoo can attest to this: "My mum is the most hardworking woman I know, and she's always sworn by Atrixo to keep her hands soft. Myself and my two sisters have grown up with it as our staple, and it reminds us of her every time we use it."

Olay Regenerist Regenerating UV Lotion SPF 15 $22Shop

"My first moisturiser was one from Olay that my mum used," said member Becky Symes. "Growing up, I'd always snuck it from her dresser, and she has stayed loyal to it for as long as I can remember. A product recommendation inherited from my grandmother, as it was her secret to smooth and youthful skin. She even packed it after the war when she fled to Germany to be with my grandad." Absolute dedication, and with the new formulations that brighten, tone and offer UVA and UVB protection, you can't go wrong.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with beauty choices, give one of these products a try. There's a reason they've been passed down through the generations.