Why We're All Heading Down Under for Our Latest Beauty Fix

Whether you're in Korea or France, stopping by a local beauty store when traveling is a must-we just can't get enough of global beauty buys. K-beauty has held our attention for a while, but we're making our way down to Australia for our latest beauty inspo. It was inevitable, really-if you take a scroll down your feed, you'll probably be greeted by your followers either living their best lives on an Australian beach or covering their faces in a pink clay mask. Combine that with the laid-back lifestyle, seemingly endless summers and Aussies' clean, simple approach and you'll see why we're obsessed. It's not all aesthetics though, as Australia boasts some impressive and effective ingredients that can be traced right back to their botanical sources. We've picked out some of the Australian beauty brands that have made their way to the UK for you to get familiar with.

Dr. Roebuck's

This quintessential Australianbrand focuses on results-driven ingredients that are both native and clean, all housed within their seriously chic minimal packaging. The range is packed full of intuitive skincare that will work on all of your skin concerns.

Your face will never have to worry about dryness again with this nourishing formula. This moisturizer is the laid-back approach to skincare that we love, and the inclusion of rich macadamia oil and hyaluronic acid will keep it at the front of your cabinet.

Meet your skin's daily bodyguard-this serum will tackle pollution and keep you protected from the elements with antioxidant-rich blueberry and free radical-fighting amino acids.


Ecococo takes coconut oil very seriously-you'll only find 100% certified organic coconut oil in their range of eco-friendly goodies. With simplicity and nature at its core, combined with heavenly tropical scents, it's a brand that needs to stay on your radar.

One handful of this and you'll be convinced that your bathroom is actually in a hotel in Melbourne. A blend of exfoliating sea salt and hydrating coconut oil will have your skin polished and beach-ready.

If you're looking for that telltale, lit-from-within Aussie glow, look no further. It has a believable color, even coverage and will also keep your skin moisturized thanks to the coconut oil in there.

Sand & Sky

Going way beyond the social media fame, Sand & Sky'sВ products are a love letter to Australia's landscape and the natural ingredients that live there. The star ingredient is the detoxifying Australian pink clay,В which cleanses and lifts dull complexions.В

Thousands of people signed up to the waiting list for this, and once you give it a try, you'll see that it's well worth the wait. It boasts a host of native ingredients in addition to the signature pink clay, such as macadamia seed and Australian finger lime, which boosts cell turnover. If you've been looking for an effective physical and chemical exfoliant, this is it.

There are a lot of products that claim to tighten pores but this pink tub that caused a global frenzy actually does and it more than lives up to its hype. You'll also be treated to a brighter complexion thanks to kaduku plum and licorice that will work on pigmentation.

Lux Aestiva

Hailing from North Queensland, this natural brandembodies the simplicity of Australian beauty with its Instagrammable small batch products. You'll find botanicals and oils that have been carefully handmade and are gorgeous to look at (as well as effective).

This botanical oil might look too pretty to use, but trust us-once you take a soak in this blend of coconut, jojoba and pomegranate seed oils, you'll be finding any excuse to have a bath.

Shimmer isn't easy to get right, and it can head into glitter-ball territory real quick, so you might not be able to contain your excitement when you get your hands on these dry oils. The blend of oils is full of omegas, vitamins, and antioxidants, so you'll also get skincare benefits alongside a sun-kissed finish.

Bali Body

If you've fallen in love with the Australian lifestyle, then Bali Body will keep those summertime vibes going strong. With a range of tanning oils, skincare and SPF, it'll have you covered on all of your glowing-skin requirements.

If you want that naturally dewy complexion that seems to only be available if you've been living by the beach, you need to hoard this BB cream. It's super light, gives a flawless coverage and it's all you'll want to use on a hot day.

This ever so fresh grapefruit-scented lotion will keep both your shins and your wardrobe in perfect condition, as it's hydrating but not greasy. Everything you need for a smooth base for bronzing.

Cinch Skin

Multitasking is Cinch Skin's middle name, and the range is designed to streamline your beauty routine with simple products that don't skimp on efficacy. You won't find any 10-step routines here, but you will find some hardworking products that will make life a lot easier.

This isn't any ordinary face mist-this is a five-in-one does everything you can imagine face mist. You can use it to moisturize, prime, highlight and to add a dewy finish to makeup. If you're running low on shelf space, you need this.

Taking cleansing to a new level is this micellar water that also uses fruit extracts to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin, and you don't won't even have to rinse.

Get that post-holiday glow all year round by adding these Australian beauty brands into your routine.