No Joke: Apple TV Just Launched an Actual Plastic Surgery App


It's safe to say that people are becoming much more interested in plastic surgery than they might have ever been before. We don't blame them-thanks to technological advances and innovations, procedures are quicker, easier, and more affordable (not to mention less invasive than they have been in the past).

Statistics seem to reflect this. As the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports, 15.9 million Americans went through some form of cosmetic surgery in 2015 alone. (That's quite a substantial figure if you ask us.) Business seems to be trending upward as well since according to Forbes, one of the most recognizable Fortune 500 companies on earth has just partnered with the Plastic Surgery Network to launch a new app. Yes, we're talking about Apple. This new app just launched on Apple TV, and it's getting a lot of buzz.

According to the article, this app is "the first and only proficient, content-driven on-demand television channel for plastic surgeons, cosmetic authorities, and the beauty industry to share their prowess and online generated composition." People will be able to garner expert knowledge about medical procedures without ever setting foot in their doctor's office. The app's aim is to make medical information easier to digest and more accessible for everyone, as well as to demystify intimidating or unfamiliar cosmetic procedures. It offers more privacy and exploration opportunities than the more traditional cosmetic surgery route.

Users can rate doctors, upload questions, and view informative videos. It sounds kind of like a plastic surgery-specific combination of Netflix, Yelp, and Google, no?

Gordon Kaplan, MD, a plastic surgeon, is on the app. As he told Forbes, "In a time when tv watchers are cutting the cord, PSN is merging on-demand television with Plastic surgery. Apple TV reaches 5% of people in the US with Wi-Fi which is smaller than other devices but Apple TV users do tend to be higher earners who are more interested in aesthetics… PSN could easily create a new segment for the industry. On-demand social television is here to stay."

Head over toВ Forbes to read the full article. What do you think about this new app? Let us know in the comments.