L.A. Cool Girl Anine Bing Breaks Down Her Full Beauty Routine

Anine Bing

Byrdie readers, meet your new beauty muse: Anine Bing. Whether or not you recognize Anine's name, you'll probably recognize her work. Since launching her eponymous fashion brand in 2012, Anine has become one of Downtown L.A.'s coolest It girls and designers-and her effortless, rocker-girl creations (think lacy black bralettes and studded ankle boots) are a hit among the Gigi/Kendall crew.

Little did we know that in addition to having a brilliant eye for clothes, Anine's taste in beauty is kind of incredible. We figured she had to be doing something right, seeing as her perpetually glowy skin and tousled lob are a subject of envy for her over 700,000 Instagram followers. Of course, we always love grilling up-and-coming beauty icons for their secrets; so we got to chatting with Anine and forced her to tell us her entire summer beauty routine, from skincare to hair and makeup. Unsurprisingly, this woman has some very clever tricks up her sleeve (including a $7 holy-grail lip balm and the retinol treatment to end all others).

On Her Glowy-Skin Regimen

Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

ANINE BING:В "For skincare, I do the same pretty much year-round. Every morning, I first use the Silky Purifying Creamy Soap ($41) and then Cellular Performance Lotion II Moist ($30), both by Sensai. After that, I dab on my eye cream: I love either La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream ($350) or Verso's Super Eye Serum With Retinol ($80). From there I lather on Dermaceutic's K Ceutic SPF 50 ($58).

"At night, I use coconut oil with a cotton pad to take off my makeup-it's my favorite way to remove everything, and it really hydrates my skin at the same time. To cleanse, I use the same Sensai cleanser and then apply Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid toner ($30) with a cotton pad. I finish out with eye cream again and my favorite night cream by Paula's Choice: Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment with Peptides & Vitamin C ($58). Twice a week, I'll sleep in Paula's Choice Radiance Renewal Mask ($36). It leaves my face so glowy and soft the next day and doesn't ever feel too harsh on my skin.

"After showering, I also love Weleda's Wild Rose Pampering Body Lotion ($12)-smells amazing and keeps me super soft without ever feeling heavy."

On Her Simple Haircare Secrets

Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

"When it's warmer out, my hair tends to get dry on the ends, so after the shower, I use a little hair oil when my hair is damp. But I always air-dry year-round because it gives me the most texture. I rarely blow it out or style with a curling iron, mainly because it takes too much time, and I've noticed from modeling that it can damage the hair. I love putting my hair up in a messy bun; it's an easy summer thing to do and has that cute undone look."

On Her Holy-Grail Summer Makeup Products

Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

"I try not to wear too much makeup in the summer-definitely no heavy foundation. I usually just put a little bit of concealer wherever I need it, like under my eyes. ClГ© de Peau is my favorite for that; it's the best out there. I use a little cream blush to get that fresh, dewy look-I love Oleander by Laura Mercier. Nothing matte though, nothing too perfect. I use highlighter around my eyes to make them pop a little, mascara by Chanel, and I'm loving Clinique's travel-size Chubby Stick for my lips for subtle color-and it's only $7 from the drugstore!

I know it sounds obvious, but I also love wearing a hat to keep my face from getting too hot and sweating in the summer. Plus, it shields from too much sun and looks cool too."

On the Only Face Mist You Should Actually Buy

Anna Maria Zunino Noellert

"I love Jurlique's Rosewater Balancing Mist ($38). It freshens my face and smells amazing. I also just love anything that is rose-scented. We actually have an amazing rose body oil… that you can toss in your bag to use when you need a little freshening."