Like My Wardrobe, So Much of My Beauty Cabinet Is From & Other Stories

& Other Stories

Now, I know you all love & Other Stories from a fashion perspective. I mean, how could you not when they create gems like this Little House on the Prairie-style dress and these cute-as-a-button cornflower-blue heels? My wardrobe is full of the stuff too. But if you stop your scrolling at the store's clothing, shoes and accessories tabs, you're categorically missing a trick-& Other Stories' beauty department is so bloody good.

Alongside flashier beauty-first brands, the store's offering is all too often under-appreciated. But I swear, it does some of the best (and most affordable) body care products on the UK's high street, and unlike perhaps more functional brands, they come swathed in the fancy beauty cloud we love-think trendy packaging, can't-stop-sniffing scents and efficacious ingredients. The brand also has its candle game down, and its makeup shades always fit with your seasonal fashion choices.

So the next time you're picking up the latest It dress, spare a few moments to peruse the beauty section, using my recommendations as a starting point.

& Other Stories Havana Blues Hand Lotion $5Shop

Keeping fancy hand lotion sink-side is the greatest marker that you've got your grown-up shit together, right? This one smells like smoky florals.

& Other Stories Topanga Waves Body Scrub $10Shop

& Other Stories' scrubs are built on a base of sugar grains that have enough grit to properly slough limbs, as well as meadow-foam oil to cosset the freshly revealed skin in hydration.

& Other Stories Eye Colour Palette in Suzani Garden $12Shop

Wear one, wear two-hell, wear all four of the shades in this metallic eye shadow palette.

& Other Stories Nail Colour in Beehive Blast $5Shop

The store is also known for producing on-trend nail colors like this pastel orange shade.

& Other Stories Liquid Foundation $19Shop

And it's not just color that & Other Stories are an expert in-its base products equally live up to expectations. This foundation offers ample coverage and a semi-matte finish.

& Other Stories Matte Eye Colour in Loupe Sienna $7Shop

Like a Mediterranean sky at sunset, this russety tone looks incredible on the eyes.

& Other Stories Fågelbärsgården Scented Candle $17Shop

& Other Stories' candle range was made in collaboration with trendy New York-based perfumer JГ©rГґme Epinette, who was also the nose behind so many of Byredo's greatest hits.

& Other Stories Lipstick in Nubby Sand $12Shop

Suitably creamy and impressively pigmented, & Other Stories' lipsticks are a no-brainer.

& Other Stories Duo Eyepencil in Alkanet Earth $10Shop

I was beginning to think that finding a kohl pencil soft enough to smudge into the base of the lashes but firm enough that it didn't melt all over my face was an impossible feat. But after using this one, I stand corrected.

& Other Stories Arabesque Wood Mini Body Mist $5Shop

Body mists are well and truly back, so you might as well keep this dinky bottle in your handbag or on your desk. The Arabesque Wood scent smells dark and oud-y.

& Other Stories Seventh Avenue Roll on Perfume $12Shop

Or perhaps a perfume oil is more your vibe, in which case these rollerballs will come in useful. Seventh Avenue is floral (thanks to violet) but has a creamy base courtesy of tonka bean and vanilla.

& Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Wash $7Shop

It was a hard decision, but I think Fig Fiction is my favorite of all the & Other Stories' scents. It's super fresh and green (bamboo) but has a little nose-tingly spice at the top (pink pepper).

& Other Stories Seventh Avenue Body Souffle $10Shop

& Other Stories makes great body lotions, but for truly decadent body hydration (after, say, a bougey bath), you'll want to try its whipped-up, yoghurt-y body souffles.