PSA: You Need More Plants in Your Home-Here's Why


Air-purifying plants are the latest wellness trend. They also tick the box of feeding our obsession with interiors, so it's a win-win. Pinterest has noted a 270% rise in saves for air-purifying plants and is tipping it as a big wellness trend for 2018. Pollution has been a hot topic for the past few years, with more and more beauty brands launching products to prevent the damaging effects of pollution molecules on the skin. And while the government and London mayor are focused on improving air quality in the country, it's going to take time. But what we can control is how clean the air is in our homes (incidentally Pinterest saves for air purifiers is also up). The natural and most aesthetically pleasing route to purer air is to buy yourself some plants.

"Many air-purifying plants are capable of absorbing harmful substances and removing these through their roots. They can also release oxygen into the air, improving your indoor environment as well as adding some instant style to your interiors," says Ruth Davis, CEO and Artistic Director of florist All For Love London.

Since some plants are better than others at cleaning the air we breathe, we called on Davis along with Grace & Thorn founder Nik Southern to fill us in. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Mother-in-Law's Tongue(Sansevieria)

"Okay, so the best air-purifying plant is mother-in-law's tongue," says Southern. "It's an amazing, easy-to-care-for plant that converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. This helps you sleep better as well as purifying the air. It's so great to have in the bedroom."

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The Peace Lily(Spathiphyllum)

"A traditional favourite has to be spathiphyllum, the beautiful Peace Lily, which offers elegant white blooms contrasted against lush green foliage," says Davis. "There is something about the name 'Peace Lilly' which oozes tranquillity and calmness too."

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Boston Fern(Nephrolepis)

"This is an air-purifying favourite. It offers an instant pop of green," says Davis.В

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Ivy(Hedera Felix)

"Trailing ivy, either variegated leaf or full-on green, is a great option, which can also double as a statement feature in a room when housed in suspended pots. Think bathroom, living room or hallway," suggests Davis.

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Davis recommends planting your trailing ivy in macramГ© knitted hangers. "Think large chunky rope knots in bright colours," she says.

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Spider Plant(Chlorophytum comosu)

"Spider plants are also wicked to have and equally look after you and your lungs!" adds Southern.

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Eucalyptus(L'HГ©ritier 1789)

There has been some talk about odour-eliminating plants, but Southern is sceptical. "It's a bit of a fad. Usually, it's just deliciously fragrant plants/foliage that provides nice odours rather than getting rid of the bad ones! Eucalyptus is a great one to have in bunches around the house. We recommend keeping it in the bathroom as the steam helps release the natural oils and creates a gorgeous scent."

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Next up, see which other wellness trendsВ Pinterest thinks will be huge in 2018 (and that we're backing too).