Exclusive: This Science-Backed Retinol Supplement Is Like the Paris Filter for Your Skin

As much as we enjoy an elaborate skincare routine, sometimes we all wish for a magic bullet-just one, single product that works effectively (and ideally naturally) to give us great skin. Jules Miller, founder of plant-based supplement line The Nue Co., had the same thought after experiencing a host of skin issues that she'd never dealt with before (which she attributes to turning 30).

"I started to see sun damage,В hyper-pigmentation, closely followed by dark spots and the occasional dose of adult acne. It's been fun," Miller tells us.В "I was looking for a product that made me feel confident about walking outside without anything on my skin." Not wanting to give up what she calls her "low-maintenance approach to skincare," Miller set about creating her own skincare magic bullet. The result is Skin Filter, The Nue Co.'s latest supplemental offering, which is available for pre-order starting tomorrow.

"I wanted to create the type of product that would make a big difference, fast. But I wanted it to be easy to use and gentle as well as effective," Miller explains. "The type of product that makes you feel excited about looking at your skin in the morning. You know it's doing you good. You know it's working."

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In the past, the only skincare ingredient that had really worked for Miller was retinol, although it often also brought with it some unwanted side effects (re: irritated, flaking skin). With Skin Filter, Miller essentially set out to create an ingestible retinol supplement that worked effectively, yet gently, from the inside out-without the typical redness or irritation of a topical.

The Skin Filter supplement is a blend of Ayurvedic ingredients, including champagne grape seeds, camu camu (rich in vitamin C), amla berry (to promote skin healing) and beta-carotene, which converts into vitamin A (retinol) when ingested. Speaking specifically about vitamin A, Miller says that "we use it in Skin Filter for its ability to stimulate fibroblasts-the cells responsible for producing collagen and developing tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy at the deepest layer." (Dirty Lemon launched an ingestible retinol drink earlier this year under the same premise.)

True to form (and The Nue Co.'s brand ethos), Miller isn't all talk: She has the scientific research to back up her claims. "As with all of our products, I wanted to take the best from natural and clinical," she says. This meant "working with clinically proven ingredients studied under dermatological control in France, as well as using best practices from Ayurvedic Medicine."

In other words, Miller ran a clinical trial on the Ayurvedic-inspired supplement, and the results were all positive: After sixty days of use, Skin Filter increased skin luminosity by 26% and skin elastin by 9%, and decreased blemished by 21% and reduced skin redness by up to 35%. Pretty impressive for just one pill a day.

Since using this product I've stopped using concealer, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Personally, after using Skin Filter, Miller has noticed the biggest skin improvements in her pigmentation and dark circles. "Since using this product, I've stopped using concealer, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve," she says.

The Nue Co.'s Skin Filter launches on pre-order starting tomorrow, October 15, on