Surprise: Kim Kardashian West Just Dyed Her Hair Bright Pastel Pink

Kim Kardashian West was the driving force behind the platinum hair trend, which is still going strong on social media and in celeb circles. We remember when she first debuted her icy new look at Paris Fashion Week and left all of us stunned. After all, before that initial platinum dye job all the way back in 2015, she was known for her long raven locks. In 2018, though, it seems like West is calling quits on platinum. (Alas, even a trend that's so thoroughly endorsed by a Kardashian can't stick around forever). Yesterday, the reality star and social media mogul took to Instagram to unveil her new hair color, which is a surprising, bright pastel pink. She's only had the new color for 24 hours, but we can't help but wonder: Is this the start of a new go-to look?


Kardashian posted this filtered selfie on her Instagram Stories, along with a link to a blog post (on her website and app) about why she chose to switch up her hair and why she decided on pink specifically.

"Ever since I did the CR Fashion Book shoot and wore a pink wig, I thought it would be fun to dye my hair pink," she wrote, referring to a photoshoot she did over six months ago. So it would seem she's been thinking about taking the big leap for some time now.

What's more, is that she might have been hinting at her upcoming pink look for some time now. Last week she posted a picture of a pink Lamborghini. Before that, she posted a photo her herself wearing a full, tufted pink gown. She swears that the new color is real and not a wig. On her app, she wrote, that she and celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton "thought about it for a month and then decided to just go for it. Since my hair is blond right now, it was easy to put the pink color over it. I figured now was the perfect timing!" (Watch Appleton show us how he creates Kardashian's signature wet look hairstyle). "North absolutely loves it," West wrote. "She was so excited when she woke up to see I had pink hair. Kanye loves it, too. He thinks it's fun to mix things up."

What's even more interesting is that West's mom, Kris Jenner, recently took to wearing platinum hair. In her case, it was a wig, but she's debated making it permanent. Whether she does so or not, West showed us all that she won't be upstaged in the hair color department, not even by her own mom.

So bright candy pink the new It hair color? It's true that we're seeing it more and more lately (one editor even dyed her hair pink on a beauty dare), and we're obsessed.