9 Fall Fragrances That Give Us That Happy Summer Feeling

As fall arrives with its russet-hued leaves and steamy cinnamon cocktails, you might be feeling the urge to throw your hands up and yell, "Too soon!" Trust us, we get it. If you're not quite ready to let go of summer, we have just the thing you need to transport yourself back to a warmer, beachier time: fragrance.

There are tons of fall scents that evoke that happy summer feeling, and they don't all smell like coconut and sunscreen. Take it with you into the colder months and you'll find yourself far more ready to take on the change in season. Below, find our favorite new and classic fragrances that won't smell out of place alongside a cozy knit, but will remind you of the carefree vibes of summer.

Bond No.9 Jones Beach $350Shop

The standout ingredient in this fragrance is calone, a note used to recreate the smell of a sea breeze. Blended with orange flower, amber, and musk, it has a light beachy, floral scent that dries down to a sultry, salty aroma on your skin.

Byredo Slow Dance $260Shop

This new unisex perfume from Byredo is warm and inviting, with just a touch of freshness. The top note of sweet myrrh draws you in, fading into the intoxicating base notes of patchouli, violet, and vanilla.

Gucci MГ©moire d'Une Odeur $120Shop

For this fragrance, Gucci worked to create a scent that felt both airy and woody in equal measure. To do it, perfumer Alberto Morillas mixed Roman chamomile and coral jasmine with sandalwood and cedar.

Tom Ford Metallique $150Shop

One hit of the bright bergamot and pink peppercorns in this new fragrance from Tom Ford, and summer will be back at the forefront of your consciousness. White blossom and addictive heliotrope give it a beautiful floral scent, while ambrette seed, sandalwood, and vanilla help the metal-inspired scent linger on your skin.

Dior Holy Peony $220Shop

Floral and fruity, this bright scent combines peony with fresh green leaves, red fruit, and apricot rose. Then, musk, light woods and amber are draped in to create a well-rounded new classic.

Replica Beach Walk $126Shop

We'd be remiss to leave Replica's Beach Walk out of this list, as all the ingredients bring about memories of your bare feet in the sand and salt in your hair.В Bright bergamot mingles with addictive coconut milk, sensual musk, sparkling pink pepper, and pretty ylang-ylang to create a summertime classic that'll still work as the leaves turn. We're hooked.

Bottega Veneta Illusione $158Shop

This fragrance blends blackcurrant and bergamot with orange blossom and green fig leaves, creating a scent that smells just like a floral, fruity summer garden.

Acqua Di Parma Cipresso Toscana $113Shop

Inspired by the landscapes of Tuscany, this perfume mixes orange with star anise, clary sage, fir balsam, and pine needles. It's bright, fresh and herbal-and will make you feel chic and Italian every time you spritz it.

Diptyque Philosykos $134Shop

This iconic fig fragrance is inspired by summer and wild sun-soaked fig trees. The name “Philosykos” means “friend of the fig tree” and the scent is an ode to fresh green leaves, milky figs, and warm, woody smells.

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