7 Models Share Their Funny/Scary Beauty Moments

When Gigi Hadid lost a shoe walking down the runway at Anna Sui's S/S 18 show, she just kept going. In fact, she and her sister Bella turned that disaster into a cute sister moment on the runway. It's further proof that you can really overcome any fashion week disaster, but not everyone is as fortunate as Hadid to come out looking cute on the other side.

If we were to get real about fashion week, or even modeling in general, it's not as glamorous as it's all hyped up to be. Yes, they get to travel the world, wear the most exquisite pieces of clothing, and party with celebrities. But it requires them to be this blank canvas for makeup artists, hair stylists, and manicurists to try anything they want on their faces and bodies-whether they like it or not.

This season, we asked models backstage if they had any funny (or straight-up scary) beauty moments they'd like to share with us. The stories range from lol-worthy to stories that made us think OMG, I'm so glad you're okay.


"I found out that I was allergic to hair dye when I dyed my hair black once. I woke up with a swollen head. I had to go to the hospital, and they had to give me steroids to take and Benadryl. It took five days for the swelling to go down," says model Theresa Hayes.


"One time on set, we tried to bleach my eyebrows and a black mark appeared on top of my eyebrows and swelled up. I don't know how that happened on set, but it was the weirdest experience," says model Vanessa Moody.


"One time a pedicurist attempted to cut my ingrown toenail and it hurt so, so bad. I immediately was like, 'Stop, please don't do that,'" says model Sam Swan.


"For a show, they once put liquid glycerin all over my hair to make it look black, and it was really really hard to get out. I had to use dish soap to get it out of my hair. It was so bad," says model Sasha Komarova.


"I was doing a video with Allure magazine, and we were doing a two-toned lip color, which I'd never done before. It just totally did not end up looking good. Some people liked it; I just personally didn't think it looked good on me at all," says model Ava Dash.


"I have a problem with keeping my makeup on. I don't wear it in real life. So when I'm backstage, I have to remember 'Don't rub your eye or face.' There have been plenty of times right before I walk out that I almost smear it all over my face. In real life, when I do wear makeup, I'll have mascara all over my face," says model Ana Cristina.


"I don't really like smoky eyes on me because I have a baby face. Baby face with dark makeup looks a little weird," says model Anastasia Panasenko.