My Favorite Unknown Skincare Line Now Does Makeup

Crop Natural

Even though I have a deep-seatedВ love for makeup, I don't find myself writing about it as much as I do hair and skincare. Of course, I'm always dating potential new suitors, but the loyalty I maintain for my daily lineup is deeply ingrained and just as stubborn. (Perhaps it's the Taurus in me.) Thus, it's rare for me to formally introduce a new lipstick, eye shadow, or gloss with the intention of maintaining a long-term relationship-typically flirting with my new love interests for a few days or weeks before ultimately deciding we're just not meant to be. And so the flame fizzles. However, when I heard one of my all-time favorite skincare linesВ Crop Natural was venturing into the realm ofВ cosmetics, I was A) jubilantlyВ excited and B) filled with very high expectations.

Despite the fact the brand still flies a bit under the radar, I'm convinced it's a huge dark horse (think Black Stallion-esque) within the industry. It's Australian and just recently launched in the United States; it boasts raw, cosmos-certified organic ingredients and Green Chemistry product processes; and last but not least, it has some of the best damn face masks to ever bless your skin. (Just try theВ PurifyingВ Turmeric ($30) orВ Hydrating Aloe Vera ($30) mask and tell me you don't agree.)В

Oh, and now the brand has gifted us with makeup,В more specifically, divinely formulated lipsticks, lip glosses, and eye shadows with the same impressive ethos and standards asВ its skincare. The line launched this past July, and after having roughly two months to experiment and play, I've come to the conclusion I might be just as obsessed with Crop makeup as I am with Crop skincare. AndВ that's big. After all, not only am I insanely picky about makeup in general, but I've also met a minuscule number of natural formulas that I've liked, or, in all honesty, even deemed wearable.

Crop Natural

Made in Italy and by the same premier manufacturer as Nars, YSL, and MAC, Crop's makeup is the cleanest to date (by said manufacturer)В and performs just as brilliantly (and in my opinion, better) than the majority of iconic makeup brands you'd find on the shelves of Sephora.

"The Crop range is formulated with the most advanced green technology, ensuring the purest production processes," a press release for the line explains. "Their iteration of cosmetics is truly skincare with color which ensures beauty without toxicity."

With my new makeup obsession running rampant, I decided to get another editor's perspective and asked our contributor Kaitlyn McLintock to test-drive the launch as well. Spoiler: She loved everything just as much as I do. So with our Crop-loving makeup minds together, we compiled our favorite products and shades into four different makeup looks: bronzed and glowy, silver and ethereal, pink and crimson, and bold graphite. Curious to see what (almost) all of Crop's new makeup looks like on? Keep scrolling for the rundown-with our reviews, tips, and recommendations interspersed.В

Crop Natural

Look 1: Monochromatic Sunset

Erin Jahns

Normally, I never stray from my signature liner, mascara, and pink lip look, so this sunset-hued monochromatic aesthetic was a major departure for me. But what I love about the Crop makeup is that even the more vibrant and intimidating shades (I'm especiallyВ squeamish when it comes to eye shadow) manage to look demure and flattering, never overbearing or flashy. The metallic liquid eye shadows have the prettiest of sheens but are also so easy to apply and blend thanks to the tube's doe-foot applicator and stellar ingredients like fruit extracts and shea butter. Plus, they don't crease, they don't deaden throughout the day, and they're straight-up stunning.

As for the lipstick, I've been obsessed with the way the matte formulation manages to hydrate my lips, and this rich tomato red hue has become a new gold standard within my collection of reds. To be honest, I usually wear it on its own, but for journalistic purposes, I layered theВ shimmery Smooth Glide Lipgloss in Vamp Me OutВ ($24) on top. Vamp Me Out looks really intense (read: dark and sparkly) inside the tube, but once you layer it on, it's not nearly as flamboyant. It also doesn't mess with whatever lip color your wearing, it stays on, andВ it's not sticky, so you can rub your lips together with zero abandon. Hours later, it will still look great.В

Crop Natural Bio Metal Eyeshadow in Saturn $24Crop Natural Bio Metal Eyeshadow in Gilded $24ShopCrop Natural Intense Matte Lipstick in Dare Devil $26ShopCrop Natural Smooth Glide Lipgloss in Vamp Me $24Shop

Look 2: Gilded Bronze

Kaitlyn McLintock

As Kaitlyn and I were getting ready for a night out, I commented on how bronzed and tan she looked. Therefore, when we were plotting which makeup looks we should feature, a gilded bronzy vibe was the obvious choice for her. Here, she applied theВ Bio Metal Eyeshadow in Bronze MoonВ ($24) directly onto her lid before lightly tapping and blending it out just past her crease.В

Aside from the red lipstick shown above, the Crop lipsticks veer more nude and natural-looking than anything else (which makes them all wonderfully wearable and low-maintenance). Since her look was very much neutral and incandescent, she opted for the shade Night Owl and topped it with the gloss coined Birthday Suit.В

Crop Natural Bio Metal Eyeshadow in Bronze Moon $24ShopCrop Natural Intense Matte Lipstick in Night Owl $26ShopCrop Natural Smooth Glide Lipgloss in Birthday Suit $24Shop

Look 3: Ethereal Silver

Erin Jahns

Like I said, a swoop of winged liquid eyeliner, glowing skin (the more highlighter, the better), a neutral-pinky lip, and loads of mascara is my go-to beautyВ look. Even when I go out, I typically like to keep it that way. Between cocktails, crowds, dancing, pizza, or whatever else the night brings forth, I don't want to have to worry about a super-bold lip or migrating eye makeup. Thus, this subtly silvery makeup vibe was born.В

I was immediately drawn to this silvery shade of eye shadow (called Moon Dust), but since I wanted to wear my liquid liner and a few healthy coats of mascara, I thought it would make the most impact not on my lids but in the inner corners of my eyes and just belowВ my waterline near the tear duct. Then, I also dabbed a bit on my cheekbones and Cupid's bow. For lipstick, I went with Glam Slam-a pretty dark pink which naturally intensifies my natural color-before topping it all off with my very favorite product from the line: the lip gloss called Golden Glow.

Usually, I can only wear a gloss for a few minutes before wiping it off. To be honest, I just don't like how gloss looks on me, and if it feels sticky or suffocating, forget it. However, this vitamin E-, jojoba-, and castor oil-infused tube is something from another world. It has zero stick factor, is so lusciously moisturizing, and, despite the golden color, slides on crystal clear, naturally enhancing whatever lip color you're wearing. I've been wearing it both on top of my favorite lipsticks and on its own for weeks now, and I've only become more and more obsessed with it.

Crop Natural Bio Metal Eyeshadow in Moon Dust $24ShopCrop Natural Intense Matte Lipstick in Glam Slam $26ShopCrop Natural Smooth Glide Lipgloss in Golden Glow $24Shop

Look 4: Bold Graphite

Kaitlyn McLintock

Since Kaitlyn wears eye shadow more often than I do (and since she's much better about trying moodier colors), she elected to wear Graphite and Halo. She used Graphite on the ball of the lid, blended it up and out, and then accented it with Halo in the inner corners to add some dimension to the eye area. Both shades are gorgeously iridescent-especially Graphite, which sometimes looks gray and sometimes looks greenish-blue depending on the way the light's hitting you.В

Since her eyesВ are on the cooler side of the spectrum, she decided to warm up her lips with a swipe of matte lipstick in All About Me, topped with the gloss Leading Lady. Like me, Kaitlyn told me she doesn't typically wear gloss, but she also shared that she loved the consistency of Crop's picks and didn't feel the urge to get it off her lips post-picture like she does with most other glosses. The glosses are also great for layering, and you can really customize how much glare you want. I typically went for more, and Kaitlyn typically went for less.В

Crop Natural Bio Metal Eyeshadow in Graphite $24ShopCrop Natural Bio Metal Eyeshadow in Halo $24ShopCrop Natural Intense Matte Lipstick in All About Me $26ShopCrop Natural Smooth Glide Lipgloss in Leading Lady $24Shop

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