Kylie Cosmetics Announced 3 New Products-Here Are the Details


Kylie Jenner's lips are the most famous pair on the entire planet, as far as we're concerned. After all, she's built an entire beauty empire upon them, starting Kylie Cosmetics with a few lipstick shades and some expert Instagram selfies. Since then her brand has expanded to incorporate lip gloss, eye shadow, highlighters, and more.

Basically what we're saying is we can't overstate how much we relate Kylie Jenner to lipstick, specifically liquid lipstick. (She's pretty much solely responsible for the liquid lipstick craze that began somewhere circa 2015 and has been going strong ever since.)

Now, though, we don't know what to thinkВ because she just released three brand-new, never-before-seen products. Does this mean she's straying from the liquid lip trend? We're not sure. All we know is that there's a lot of Kylie Cosmetics news to catch up. Keep scrolling to see the three brand-new products just released by Kylie Jenner.

Cream Lipsticks

The first announcement came two days ago, when she announced her new cream lipsticks, dubbed the Silver Series. Each of the new shades comes packaged in a shiny platinum bullet with Kylie's name emblazoned on the bottom of the tube and in the side of the lipstick itself. It's the same sleek and chic packaging we've come to expect from all Kylie Cosmetics products. They will retail for $17 eachВ and will be available on the brand's website on December 13, which leaves us just enough time to order one (or two or three) before the holidays.

As you can see the shade range is quite diverse. There are tawny browns (we know Jenner is big on a '90s brown lip), hot pinks, and plenty of nude colors.В "A little something for everyone! Nudes, pinks, mauves, berries, oranges, and browns," the Instagram caption read.

From what we know so far, the lipsticks are creamy and glide "evenly onto the lips leaving them soft and full of color." We're assuming this means that they will be more hydrating than the liquid lipsticks that came before them. The original matte formulas could be quite drying for some, so a more hydrating or comfortable finish will be greatly appreciated.


The next day, the official brand Instagram revealed the second mystery product to hit the website on December 13-concealer. The silver capped tubes of concealer come in 30 different shades (can we get a round of applause for skin tone inclusivity?).

You can expect them to have a creamy finish and offer medium coverage that you can build upon if you so desire. The account describes them as being lightweight and luminous, which we're thinking means they will wear like one of our all-time favorite formulas, the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30). If that's the case, then we're not mad. We're not mad at all.

Makeup Brushes

Then, this morning we woke up the third product surprise. Makeup brushes are coming. This image was posted along with the caption "The Silver Series Brush Collection, all of Kylie's favorite brushes, available individually and as a set on December 13!" The set includes 16 brushes with super-shiny silver handles topped with fluffy white bristles. It includes a wide variety of brush types, including crease brushes, blush brushes, and blending brushes.

You can expect to purchase the full set for $360 on December 13. If you don't need a whole set of brushes (or maybe $360 is too much to drop on makeup tools so close to the holidays), you can also purchase them separately. The price of the individual brushes differs by type, though they range from $16 to $30 each.

Each of these brand new products is exciting, buzzy, and super pretty. We can't wait to test them out for ourselves to see how they compare to her famous liquid lipsticks. Speaking of that, before we go, we have a real question to ask: Does this mean she's leaving behind liquid lipsticks for good?

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