The 7 Haircuts That Never Go Out of Style

Trends are fun to follow when it comes to elements you can switch up easily-think wardrobe and makeup. But when it comes to your hair, few of us want to embrace a bold new look every season just to stay one step ahead of the sartorial game. Which is why there are certain cuts and styles that make an appearance time and time again-think Twiggy's iconic pixie or a '70s-inspired shag.

Heading to the salon for an autumn update? Scroll on to discover the seven haircuts that will always be in style.

1. The Classic Pixie

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Twiggy made the pixie cut famous in the '60s with some help from Vidal Sassoon-it's now one of the most iconic looks of all time. “This look is one of my favourites,” says Jordan Garrett, stylist at Hershesons. “Twiggy started it all off, and then Princess Diana and Demi Moore ruled this look in the 1990s. More recently, we've seen it come up with a few modern tweaks on celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Katy Perry. It's a classic look and suits people with petite features.”

2. The Shag


This sultry, textured, layered look features lots of shape around the face, drawing maximum attention to the eyes. “This cut is a classic for millennials due to the fact that it's so low maintenance,” says Neil Smith from Barrie Stephen Hair. “It looks great straight, curly, in plaits and in a tight or loose updo. It's got incredible versatility, which always helps make a style timeless.”

3. The Blunt Fringe


“We call this the Botox fringe,” explains Smith. A fringe is a great, and inexpensive way to completely change your look, but there are a few things to be wary of. If you have any kind of kink or cowlick around your hairline, then your fringe will need encouragement to sit where you want it to. And be prepared to add a few extra minutes to your daily styling regimen with a fringe, as it will need some readjustment after a night's sleep.В

4. The Bob


“This is arguably the most versatile cut of all time,” says Sam Burnett, owner and creative director of Hare & Bone. “Two people can have a bob exactly the same length, but if one has choppy layers and a fringe and the other has a blunt finish, they will look totally different. Any small changes to the shape can have a huge effect on the overall style, which means it's easy for it to be updated with seasonal trends to give it a fresh edge. It can also be styled to suit all face shapes, ages, hair types and styles, which is why it will always be popular.”

5. The Buzz Cut

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You might not think of this fairly severe style as being timeless, but thanks to celebs such as Sigourney Weaver, Demi Moore and most recently, Cara Delevingne, a short crop is constantly having a revival. “This is a bold, brave choice, so it's not for everyone, but it really does look stunning, and it's very, very low maintenance if you do go for it,” says Smith.

6. Long Layers


Want luxe-looking hair? Then it's a long one-length-looking (there actually are some layers in there) style you need to go for. “Subtle long layers give the hair fluidity and movement, and it's such a timeless look,” says Marc Trinder of Trinder Hair Studios. “Short layers take us back to the 'mullet' and can date very quickly, whereas a long look will never go out of style. Plus it's easy to style and maintain, and it helps create shape within a haircut as well as reducing some weight, making it ideal for thicker hair types.”

7. Freestyle Curls


When it comes to curls and textured hair, a freehand cut is the way to create a timeless style. “I think the most effortless and always on-trend look for curls is seeing them in their natural shape and state,” says Trinder. “To do this, the hair cannot be cut in a methodically layered way. It prevents curls from sitting in their natural shape. Instead, your stylist needs to slice out lengths to make them soft on the edges-this will allow the curls to retain their definition and enhance the natural shape.”