Augustinus Bader Just Launched a Body Version of Its Anti-Aging Cream, and We Tried It

Last year, we sat down with Professor Augustinus Bader (a German physician, scientist, professor, and researcher who is considered to be one of the world's leading stem cell and biomedical pioneers in the realm of medical and healing treatments) when his namesake line launched The Rich Cream ($265) and The Cream ($265). Both formulas have quickly become staples in regimens of editors and A-listers alike-think: Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, and Victoria Beckham. The genius lies within one particular proprietary complex, TFC8, which houses natural amino acids, vitamins, and other naturally-occurring synthesized molecules (as well as skin-nourishing gems like shea butter, aloe leaf, and avocado, primrose, or sunflower oils).

Naturally, since the launch of the now cult-favorite creams, followers of the brand have been asking for a body moisturizer. And since so many fans asked, Augustinus Bader delivered. The brand has now expanded its product line to include The Body Cream ($165), a potent, thick moisturizer packed with Brazilian candeia oil, shea butter, and, of course, TFC8. The brand boasts a visible reduction in sun damage, even texture, and firmer skin.В

Byrdie's editorial director, Faith, is a fan of the Augustinus Bader face creams and had the chance to try a small jar of the new body cream before the launch. She says of the experience, "I slathered it all over my body as soon as I could. In short: It's everything I hoped it'd be. The texture is a bit whipped and frothy, but thick, like freshly-whipped cake batter. It doesn't have a scent, which is nice-no clashing with your favorite perfumes and no irritation. It melts into the skin instantly and sinks right in, so you don't feel greasy at all." She continues: "A few hours later, I noticed my skin felt noticeably softer. My limbs are perpetually dry, not to mention easily-irritated, and this body cream made a huge difference-I couldn't believe how soft and silky my skin felt with zero irritation or itchiness. Needless to say, I used up the small lab sample in just a few days."

And, Faith isn't the only person of note singing the formula's praises. Veteran esthetician Joanna Czech explains, “The texture feels whipped and light in the hand, but envelopes the body with silky hydration that lasts. It includes the same high-tech science that is in their face creams, which makes it unlike anything else on the market. I love using it.”

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The Body CreamВ ($165) exclusively available on online and in-store at Violet Grey today. It is also available for pre-order on the brand's website.В

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