Gigi Gorgeous on Her Go-To Makeup and "Faking Confidence Till You Feel It"

You might recognize Gigi Gorgeous from Instagram (where she currently boasts 2.2 million followers) or YouTube (where she currently boasts almost 3 million subscribers). Her full name is Giselle Loren Lazzarato and she's a tall, blonde, and beautiful trans woman. Though her journey has been long and winding, it's been inspiring in equal measure, and you can learn about it all from her documentary, This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, or her new book, which is called He Said She Said.

While she has a lot of accolades attached to her name, her two most recent are what we're most concerned with today. First, she recently partnered with Olay Body to expand upon the virtues of the brand's skincare products. Second, she was named as this year's Pride Toronto Grand Marshall, which was particularly special, considering that she's a staunch LGBTQ+ advocate-not to mention the fact that Toronto is her hometown. We caught up with Gigi to talk about her favorite beauty products of the moment, her best confidence-boosting tips, and what these new experiences mean to her. Keep scrolling to read the full interview.

On the body care product she can't live without…

"To be completely honest, I'm in love with Olay's Moisture Ribbons Plus Shea + Manuka Honey Body Wash ($6). I've tried them all, but this one is so fragrant. My bathroom smells like Manuka honey for hours after I shower-it's truly like spraying perfume-and it leaves my skin super moisturized. It's a time-saver too, leaving you moisturized and feeling so fresh and clean without adding extra steps post-shower."

Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus Shea + Manuka Honey Body Wash $6Shop

On the importance of skincare…

"Growing up, I had acne all of my face, my chest and my back. I remember how bad it made me feel, so ever since I found it important to always take care of my skin. When I have a good skincare regimen, my confidence goes through the roof. I'm not worrying about active breakouts, and when I wash my makeup off at the end of the day, I feel just as confident as I did with it on."

On how to feel more confident…

"FAKE IT TILL YOU FEEL IT! When I was younger, I would walk around exuding so much confidence, but I knew a lot of it was put on. It's a play on the saying "fake it till you make it," but there's something so powerful about training yourself to feel confident and hold your head high even when you're not. And it works! When you don't have good people around you, your head isn't in the right space, or you're feeling insecure-but you can fake it until it actually becomes your reality. It's definitely a mind over matter thing."

On her daily makeup routine…

"It depends on the day, but if I have a full day, I always get up super early (before the sun comes up) to get my day started. I make a cup of coffee and get started with a great mattifying primer. I have a really oily T-zone, so it's important that I keep it matte and snatched. I follow with a mattifying foundation, and especially being outside for hours in the summer, and set it with a good setting spray so everything stays put in the humidity.

"Lipstick and lip gloss can be really sticky, especially with my long extensions, so I always make sure to lay down a lip liner to make sure the products are really set into the lip. That way nothing moves, and it stays separate from my foundation. I'm loving a glow right now, which I put all over my body and not just my face. I'm using the KKW Beauty's Body Perfecting Foundation ($35) right now with the shimmer and I love it."

On being named the Grand Marshall for Toronto Pride…

"This means everything to me! For one, it's my hometown and it's actually where I experienced my first Pride. It was before I knew what it means to feel truly proud. So, being Grand Marshal takes feeling proud to the next level. I've also been through it and I've come a long way. To have someone tell you you're capable, and that they choose you to host Pride for an entire city, it's an incredible feeling. Someone put that trust in me, to not only represent Toronto and Canada for Pride, but also to represent the transgender community."

On the makeup she wore during the parade…

Velvet 59 Paradise Princess Pressed Pigment Palette $35Shop

"I wore Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($54), MAC Studio FX Fluid Foundation Extra Matte ($31), colorful shadow from the Velvet 59 Paradise Princess Pressed Pigment Palette ($35), Too Faced Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow in Ice Queen ($22), and Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Starfire ($21). I'm also so proud of my nails, which are from Queen Custom Claws. They did this specific see-through jelly gel acrylic nails in a rainbow set. I'm obsessed with the coffin shape."

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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