This Hair Ingredient Has 60% More Antioxidants Than Argan Oil

These days, it seems brand new ingredients pop up by the minute-all promising to give you shinier hair, softer ends, and a healthier scalp. Remember when beauty lovers everywhere could be found running to their local Trader Joe's to stock up on coconut oil by the boatload? Then came argan oil, and everywhere you turned, there was another product infused with the buzzy ingredient. But no matter how many discoveries hit the beauty industry, we can't not look into an ingredient that promises softer, longer, stronger hair.

The latest ingredient to land on our radar is none other than marula oil. With the rise of its popularity, chances are you've already run into some marula-infused products on your last trip to Sephora. But how much do you really know about the trendy ingredient? Allow us to give you a crash course.В

What Is Marula Oil?

The marula fruit tree is native to parts of southern Africa and though it was once a wild and rare grow, these trees are now cultivated to suit all your beauty needs. The marula fruit is a yellow fruit-which looks a lot like a loquat-and contains a hard, brown nut, with white kernels at its core. Its oil is extracted both from these kernels and the nut's outer husk and boasts a soft fruity, floral scent.

It's gained a ton of popularity thanks to its light texture, rich moisture content, and non-comedogenic properties. Packed with hydrating and anti-aging amino acids, moisturizing fatty acids-and 60 percent more good-for-you antioxidants than Argan oil-marula oil is just what you want sitting on your bathroom counter.В

The Hair Benefits:

While applying oil to your hair may seem counterintuitive (dry shampoo doesn't grow on trees, you know), marula oil's lightweight texture and fast absorption leaves a satin finish on your strands, without making it look greasy or weighing down your style. A few drops seals and coats your hair cuticle, eliminating frizz and adding tons of shine.

How To Apply It:

Marula oil can be rubbed onto your hair to treat dry, parched strands, and prevent split ends. Additionally, you can massage it into the scalp (remember, it absorbs quickly and doesn't clog pores) to reduce dandruff and promote healthy hair. Apply it from roots to ends before heat styling or use it to tame frizz in high humidity. And since marula oil has recently gone mainstream, there is a slew of beauty buys that help you incorporate the ingredient into every aspect of your hair routine.

Keep scrolling for our favorite marula oil hair products, from shampoo and conditioner to serum and hair masks.

Leave-In Oil

Marula Light Hair Treatment & Styling Oil $40Shop

This leave-in oil doubles as a styling and conditioning treatment, while reducing frizz, taming flyaways, and adding shine. And don't worry about weighing down your hair-this lightweight formula is suitable even for thin hair types.

Shampoo and Conditioner

MarulaOil Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo $26ShopMarulaOil Rare Oil Replenishing Conditioner $27Shop

This shampoo washes away dirt, sweat, and product buildup without stripping your hair of all its moisture, while the conditioner treats dry, damaged strands. Together, they leave a yummy, fruity, floral scent on your freshly-washed hair.


OGX Hydrate + Marula Oil Serum Elixir $7Shop

A few drops of this potent marula oil serum on damp hair will eliminate all traces of frizz on heat-styled or air-dried hair. Plus, with continued use, your strands will feel softer, smoother, and healthier over time.

Hair Mist

L'Ange ManagГ© Marula Oil Hydrating Mist $20Shop

You keep a face mist at your desk (and if you don't, we suggest you do!), so why not keep a hair mist on deck as well? This on-the-go mist hydrates, revives, and nourishes dry, damaged hair whenever you need it. It even comes with built-in UV protectant to shield your precious locks from harmful rays.

Hair Mask

MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Hair Masque $39Shop

Packed with cold-pressed marula oil, this intensive hair mask smoothes and softens even the driest, most coarse hair types in a single use. Keep in mind, it boasts tons of moisture, so use sparingly on thin hair.

While we're on the topic: Huda Kattan says this oil is to thank for her shiny strands.