Your October Beauty Horoscope Is Here, and It's All About Transformation

October: Dig deeper into the process of change, transformation, and reorientation. This month is about looking more closely atВ your process and transforming any imperfections that frighten you along the way. You're a magnetic powerhouse-you just don't know it yet. Strive for renewing, intensely regenerating products this season.

October 3: Pluto in Capricorn direct, no longer retrograde. The planet of transformation, rebirth, and power comes out of its retrograde journey where it's been since April 24. Pluto gives you the green light to dive deeper into your process-to confront fears, insecurity, and where you feel disempowered-so that you can transform them all into empowerment.

October 3: Mercury enters Scorpio. Mercury in Scorpio wants you to be your own psychologist, to heal your thoughts, and to become empowered by them. The shadow side of Mercury in Pluto (because there is one) is to feel suspicious, fearful, and to want to be in control to the point of clinging to beliefs or opinions. Your skinВ regimenВ got a whole lot deeper.В

October 4: Mars enters Libra. Mars here is graceful but can feel passive-aggressive. You make beauty and aesthetics a priority. Think refined and feminine-soft hues and luxe creams.В

October 8: Venus, as a morning star (Venus as a warrior), moves into Scorpio. This day will be hot, passionate, lustful, irresistible, obsessive, deep. Throw out all your old beauty products and aim for penetrating, regenerating, replenishing replacements.

October 13: Full Moon in Aries. Profound changes are afoot-surrender gracefully to all the excitement and think big picture. Expect small skin irritations. Try a cooling and calming mask.В

October 23: The Sun enters Scorpio-Happy Birthday Scorpio!В A conscious light shines on where you're shadow lies. Embrace it-don't run from your intensity, but become empowered by it. Opt for darker shades of red, oxblood and fuchsia in your makeup routine.

October 27: New Moon in Scorpio. Opposite Uranus, this is an unpredictable New Moon that demands change, freedom, and liberation. Give yourself permission to feel ignited by the change, rather than subjugated by it. Your skin needs warm, nourishing, and soft products.В

October 31 (Halloween)- December 7, 2019: Mercury in retrograde.В This Mercury Retrograde should feel nice-when it begins its journey into the underworld, it's met by Venus, saying, "We've got this!" You've got support. Be willing to dig deep into your psychological processes, allow endings to be new beginnings, and practice feeling empowered vs. disempowered. Your skin wants more peeling masks, renewing serums, and more hydration to keep it glowing all month long!В

Read on to see how you're working positively with this Mercury Retrograde. Remember to read for both your Rising and Sun signs.В

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Libra: Happy Birthday! When Mars moves into your sign on October 4, you get an added dose of feisty. Embrace it! Your skin will be warmer to the touch; you'll be lusty for intense encounters. The Full Moon on October 13 implies you'll need to put yourself first before things can truly work out. The New Moon on October 27, followed by mercury retrograde, means rethinking your financial flow. Wearing softer colors and opting for cooling masks keeps your skin glowing all month long.В

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Scorpio: The New Moon on October 27 is exciting because it brings you some exciting news. Expect the unexpected! When presented with the opportunity for a short trip, or anything related to your siblings, or an exciting opportunity in your community, say yes! Mercury Retrograde, also in your sign, will bring you back to the center and should feel somewhat comfortable. You're rethinking the way that you utilize and connect to your beauty.

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Sagittarius: This month, you're attuned to the undercurrents of your environment. Change is in the air, and you can feel it. The Full Moon on October 13, in fellow fire sign Aries, is asking you to take a bigger risk and put yourself out there; it may mean that you need to do some research or to think more about how things said will land, but you've got this! Mercury Retrograde for you means more alone time to mend the loose ends of your life.

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Capricorn: Pluto direct on October 3 coming out of retrograde where it's been since April 24 is in your sign; this implies that you're changing your life from the inside out. You're maturing beyond social norms; you're changing your very psychological makeup. The New Moon on October 27 paired with an entourage of planets in the social sector of your chart means one thing: you're busy A.F. and being productive benefits your goals. Treat your skin to a little extra TLC this month.

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Aquarius: Being center stage-it's not your favorite thing. You'd much rather see those closest to you stand in the spotlight while you get credit from behind the scenes, but fortunately, it's you who is being pushed into the limelight this month. From your career reputation to your social circle, you're getting more attention to share your unique ideas. The New Moon on October 27 and mercury retrograde are bringing you new opportunities. The choice is yours. Your skin needs a renewing mask.

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Pisces: This month is all about travel for you-whether that's only in your mind, or literally. The New Moon on October 27 followed by Mercury Retrograde means shifts in your travel plans so that you can revisit an old project. This month, you'll relish in a full body treatment to keep that skin of yours flawless.

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Aries: The Full Moon in your sign on October 13 means letting go of needing to do things your way. Empowerment means allowing others to help you and accepting support both emotionally and financially. The New Moon on October 27 and mercury retrograde will enable people to re-enter your life to help you mend the past. This doesn't have to be negative; in fact, your finances might even see a boost.

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Taurus: This month is all about partnerships in both business and romantic.В Halloween, the New Moon, and mercury retrograde all mean that this year, October is more exciting than it's ever been. Uranus is newly in your sign, shaking things up quite a bit, making life more exciting. The New Moon will be directly opposite Uranus, so there's no telling what exciting encounters will come your way. As for your skin, try something fragrant and sensual to keep you in a tranquil state of mind.

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Gemini: “In the grind” is the theme for you this month. You've got support, but what you really need is more time for yourself. The Full Moon on October 13 frees you up nicely from social obligations. Mars moving into Libra on October 4 is hot: it means romantic interests fuel your creativity, and your creativity feeds your career. Mercury, your planet, going retrograde on Halloween highlights the above plain and simple.

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Cancer: Relationship is still at the forefront of everything, but this month, things get more intense. All of the changing planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus) are moving into your romance sector; you're taking more emotional risks, and more emotional risk means empowerment, better communication, and deeper understanding (not to mention that supple skin vibe). Mercury retrograde means getting comfortable with the intensity. Mars moving into Libra on October 3 means you'll want to spend more time cozied up.

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Leo: Being home more, re-organizing your living situation, and nurturing family is where your heart is at this month. Oh, and also on healing your past-digging deeper into your emotional attachments and letting go of fears that have been holding you back. This is your mercury retrograde. The Full Moon on October 13 is supporting you to focus more on what's in front of you by reminding yourself that you have all the knowledge you need. Remember that genuine confidence is your greatest asset. Oh, and did we mention you're working like crazy? You can thank Pluto, who's reminding you to manage your work/life balance better. Loving yourself means giving your skin some more of your time.

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Virgo: Your planet Mercury going retrograde, paired with the New Moon and Venus, are massaging your mind into a better headspace. Being overly focused on what can go wrong is probably a trait that you've overdeveloped; instead, try to find empowerment by envisioning how you can improve and transform what isn't working. Pluto going direct on October 3 in fellow Earth sign Capricorn reminds you that you need to have more fun. You need more color in your life.

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