The $7 Product Celebrity Hairstylist Kahh Spence Calls a "Lifesaver"

Hairstylist Kahh Spence styles the strands of strong, talented women like Cardi B, Ella Mai, Iggy Azalea, Winnie Harlow, and others. You might recognize him from his Instagram, where photos of his polished and perfected celebrity clientele are interspersed with short, easy-to-follow tutorials and some hilarious clips from his own life (you can't deny he has a sense of humor).

Today, he's sitting down with us to share his top five hair essentials. These are products and accessories that he keeps in his kit at all times. Watch the full video below to see and shop them all-from a multi-use molding paste that he says has five benefits in one to a flat iron he says "you need to go get," and a $15 edge-styler which has become the key to some of his best A-lister looks.

OGX Natural Finish + Aspen Texture Molding Paste $9Shop

"Not only is the texture so smooth, and it feels amazing, when it dries it's super duper clear and matte. The other benefit is that it serves a multi-purpose use. I use this when working on high ponytails, low ponytails, when I'm trying to slick down baby hairs, tame flyaways, or just push some edges back. Those are five benefits of one paste."

Kitsch Black Bungees $7Shop

"These are used for ponytails. What this helps with is when you're trying to do a ponytail, and let's say your hair is really long or it's really full, instead of having to pull your hair through the elastic and having the hard time and stress in your hand, what you can do is take one end of the bungee cord, stick it in through your hair, and wrap it around twice or maybe three times… There you go. You have a secure ponytail."

Justine Marjan x Kitsch Boss Rhinestone Bobby Pin $29Shop

My next favorite product or tool would definitely have to be these Justine Marjan x Kitsch hair accessories. They're so cool, so blingy, and just add an extra piece of pizazz to a hairstyle. I've been using these lately because I feel like other accessories on the market right now don't have that extra oomph that I've been looking for."

ghd Platinum + Styler $249Shop

"The reason why it's a fave of mine is because, one, it promotes healthy hair while you're straightening the hair, but it also has this really cool temperature control, so you can control the climate at which you're flat-ironing your hair. I know that's problem that I've seen some young ladies have throughout the time of them wanting to straighten their hair. They feel like some of the plates on the flat irons can damage their hair. This is one you need to go get."

BabyTress Edge Styler $15Shop

"My last favorite product would definitely have to be this BabyTress edge brush. This definitely serves a multipurpose use. What I mainly use this for is styling the edges, so I'd take the aforementioned OGX paste, and apply it on the edges, and then just style them in a cool little swoop motion. Or what I'd do is take the brush and brush the edges back as I'm doing a sleek up-do or even if I'm trying to catch the hair in the back. Then there's this little comb on the other side, just in case some of the hair is getting tangled or caught (because a brush can't fully catch that), the comb can work through the hair strands to straighten it out before smoothing it with the brush."

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