A Makeup Brush Drying Hack That Actually Works

Mascara and Maltesers

In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, there are only three things certain in life: death, taxes… and waiting way too long to clean your makeup brushes. That last part may not be historically accurate, but for makeup devotees everywhere, it might as well be law.

We know cleaning our brushes is a hygienic must. They're used daily, meaning dead skin cells, bacteria, and other icky debris is transferred straight from the bristles to our faces. Before we recoil in disgust and/or frantically calculate just how long it's been since we've cleaned our trusty tools, let's talk about why we haven't.

Yes, it's a chore, and it's a time-consuming one at that, but a big part of that annoyance is figuring out how to dry the wet brushes. Without fail, they dry unevenly or with bent bristles (not preferable when they cost as much as they do). That's why, when we saw this revolutionary hack from a genius Reddit user, we had to share. Go get some rubber bands, because drying your makeup brushes is a chore no more.


Reddit user hey_im_allison is the brains behind this deceptively simple trick. "While I'm washing them I set them down on a towel while I finish washing the others, then I take the time to hang them!" she shared. Putting them down on a towel first, like you normally would, soaks up extra moisture that would have dripped off of the bristles. When they are still wet, but not soaked, tie them to a bar with an elastic. They will dry evenly and back to their proper shape.

As you can see from the photo, she also adds a fan underneath the brushes to expedite the drying process, so that's another option if you have one on hand. Otherwise, you just need an elastic. Looks like our towel rack now serves an alternate purpose as makeup brush dryer.

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