Supermodel Imaan Hammam Shows Us Her 5 Can't-Live-Without Beauty Products

You may recognize Imaan Hammam from her ad campaigns for Revlon, numerous runway appearances, or three (count 'em, three) American Vogue covers. Regardless of what you've seen of her in print (or in your feed), we'll let you in a little secret: she's even more striking in person. The newly-minted Revlon ambassador arrived on our Just Five Things set in a tailored teal-green suit, minimal makeup, and her signature windswept curls-which made us all the more eager to find out the products she credits for her glow.В What products does a jet-setting supermodel like Hammam use to keep her complexion in check? What lipstick does she count on to instantly amp up her look? (Hint: it's only $10.) Watch the video to see Hammam explain her five favorite beauty products of all time, from a matte lipstick that never budges to a luxuriously moisturizing rose oil-then, keep scrolling to shop all of the products.

Revlon Ultra HD Hyper Matte Lip Mousse In 100 Degrees $10Shop

"It's so different from all the other lipsticks," Hammam says. "It doesn't stick; it doesn't even move, so when you put it on your lips it's literally there all night. And it's a matte look. Who doesn't want a matte lip? Red, to me, is a very bold color, and I'm all about bold colors. I like to rock a blue lip, or a green lip, or a dark red," she says.

Chantecaille Rose de Mai Facial Oil $186Shop

"During winter, my face gets really dry, especially under my eyes and around my nose. This just really hydrates the face," she says. "It's great for mixing with other products, especially the next product I'm going to talk about… "

Epicuren Discovery Facial Emulsion Enzyme Moisturizer $32Shop

"I use this one mostly in the winter, because my face gets really dry. I love to mix them together-the Chantecaille oil and the moisturizer-for daily use." Ed. note: we think this moisturizer is great for using during any season, especially if you have oily, dehydrated skin, since it has a lightweight texture, and it's formulated with exfoliating lactic acid and anti-inflammatory witch hazel.

Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve $7Shop

"I always have this in my bag," Hammam says. "I literally have ten of these in every different bag, because it's the best lip balm for me. It just smells so good. It's just good for you lips; it keeps them hydrated, and it has a little pink tint."

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer $24Shop

"What I love about this is that it has a bronzer and kind of a highlighter, so when I'm in the car, and I'm looking a little bit tired, I powder this on my face, and it gives a bronze and a highlight at the same time. I always have this in my bag."

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