FYI: You Can Now Work Your Face Out With This $65 Training Serum


Thanks to innovative, industry-changing brands like FaceGym, our complexions continue to reach new and exciting heights. And we mean that literally. FaceGym is the United Kingdom's and Unites States' first-of-its-kind gym studio-you guessed it-for the face. Sadly, as of this second, locations are exclusive to the UK and NYC (where one of our skin-blessedВ editorsВ tried it out for herself and lived to tell the tale!), but in beauty news, the brand has released three highly specialized training serums.

"TheВ FaceGymВ trainers perform a range of lifting and sculpting workouts designed to train the 40+ muscles in the face," explains the press release. "Then, results are amplified with high-performance skincare products and non-invasive technology." With few locations, access to the actualВ workouts is limited. But, if you're nowhere near L.A. or New York, you can rely on the brand's expert stash of skincare staples to work on your facial fitness-no appointment required.

FaceGym Signature Training Serum $65Shop

Say hello to the brand's signature formula. It's smartly designed with coffee bean oil to nourish, tone, and lift the skin while also keeping the barrier protected from potential damage and environmental stressors. Then, swertiaВ chirataВ smoothes and plumps while whiffs of lavenderВ and rose geranium send you to olfactory heaven.

FaceGym Clear Skin Training Serum $65Shop

However, if acne and clogged pores are of more concern than lifting and plumping, you'll fall for the clear-skin potion. Ingredient highlightsВ include cucumber oil, FaceGym's trademarkedВ melinoil, bergamot, and palma rosa.В

FaceGym Brightening Training Serum $65Shop

Last but not least of the trio, this starter serum targets dull, lackluster skin. The secret? A strategic melding of avocado oil and CoQ10.В

FaceGym Face Ball $22Shop

Essentially this adorable pint-sized tool is like a yoga ball-but for your face. Perks include increased circulation and less puff thanks to improved lymphatic drainage.

FaceGym Pure Lift Face $499Shop

Before you balk at the price, hear us out. Described by the brand as a powerplate for your face, this efficient device applies gentle yet targeted EMS (electricalВ muscle stimulation) to the face, which helps strengthen all the tiny muscles over time, ultimately leading to a complexion that's significantly more lifted, tightened, and toned.В

FaceGym Collagen Infused Serum $30Shop

Essentially, this collagen-packed serum is the activating essence for the liftingВ device (if you're so inclined to splurge),В and at just $30, it feels like less of a blow to your budget.В

FaceGym Gold Derma Roller $35Shop

Have you ever seen a more stunning specimen of a face roller? We haven't, and we'll be adding this gold one to our skincare wishlist ASAP.В