You've Gotta See This-We Painted Our Hair Gold for the Byrdie Christmas Party

If there's one season where you can be a little bit extra with your hair, it's Christmas. Let's face it: You're already throwing on velvet and silk party dresses and covering your entire face in glitter under the guise of party makeup, so it's only right that you put a little extra effort into your party hair, too.

Well, we think so anyway, and that's why, on the day of the Byrdie HQ Christmas party, we decided to go all-out and book ourselves into Hari's Metallic Hair Bar on London's Kings Road. And the results were nothing short of major. Keep scrolling to find out what the service involves.

Alyss Bowen

So here's how it works: Either book in for a proper wash and blow-dry beforehand or come in with your hair fully washed, and then you'll discuss with your hairstylist the perfect dry-styled look for your event-the colour can be applied to anything from a topknot to a ponytail, braid or bouncy blow-dry.

Next, you choose which metallic to go for. There's gold, rose gold or silver, so you can coordinate your hair to your outfit for the night. Then your hairstylist will help choose the perfect placement, whether that's a subtle brush along the parting or a full section of gold-laden hair.

Next comes the colour application. This is no subtle wash of metallic through the lengths-it's full-throttle colour that comes in what can only be described at paint. It's fundamentally a wash-out pigment mixed with gel, which helps it dry onto hair so it won't transfer onto your hands every time to go to fix your hair.

And when the party's over, it's pretty easy to wash it out-you can just do it in the shower, but make sure you really lather your shampoo and scrub the scalp to dislodge all the pigment. It might take a few rinses.

The cost of the service starts at ВЈ30 and takes around 30 minutes (for minimal styling), so you can easily slip it into your lunch break and go back to do your makeup at your desk. To book, call Hari's Kings Road on 020.7349.8722, but before you do, take a look at how it looked on the Byrdie UK team and read our verdicts.

Alyss Bowen

Amy Lawrenson, editorial director

"Mine was pretty subtle, which I liked, as it meant I wasn't embarrassed when getting the tube back to the office after the appointment. The lengths were styled in really glossy bouncy curls that miraculously lasted the whole evening, and as the gold tone wasn't too far removed from my hair colour, it wasn't immediately obvious-but every time my head caught the light, my colleagues gotВ the full brunt of itsВ KiraKira+-styleВ glitz."

Amy Lawrenson

Alyss Bowen, associate social media editor

"While this isn't a look I'd opt for work or a Sunday spent on Colombia Road, there's no denying it would be perfect for a Christmas party of NYE night out. I'm all for experimenting with colour and styles and love how easy it was to upgrade my festive look with a touch (okay, a lot) of metallic. Plus, who doesn't love anything gold?"

Alyss Bowen

Shannon Peter, deputy editor

"I tried my hair two ways: First an '80s style updo, but once I worked out my outfit, this sideswept style worked better. Like Alyss, my colour was painted on the entire side of my head, which was definitely dramatic, but it did make it look a little like I had no hair on that side-not usually a look I go for, but it worked pretty well alongside my outfit in the end. I'm not 100% sure metallic hair is for me (I tend to be a lot more low-key), but I might experiment with something a little subtler-like gold glitter at the parting-for New Year's Eve."

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