10 Organic Perfumes Byrdie Editors Love (and You Will Too)

What's not to love about perfumes? They smell like a big hug, and science says they have the ability to lift your mood. The thing is, when it comes to fragrance, you must look beyond the captivating scent. Many mainstream, high-end fragrances are made of harsh chemicals that can do damage to your skin in the long run, especially if you're more sensitive than others. Although they're few and far between, organic perfumes are out there and smell just as heavenly as their counterparts. There's a myth that nontoxic and organic perfumes don't last nearly as long as other scents because they're made from gentle, botanical ingredients. We're here to shut down that stereotype with these green fumes that'll linger on your skin for hours on end.

Pour le Monde LLC Empower $82Shop

This brand takes giving back seriously-10% of its profits go to charity. It's made with nontoxic and natural essential oils with top notes of lemon, lime, bergamot, grapefruit, orange, and mandarin. A review on its website describes the scent as "kind of like drinking a mojito on a hot day." Sold yet?

Spring Unisex Fragrance $95Shop

A tall glass of spring is just what the doctor ordered. This unisex fragrance is hand-blended in Los Angeles with organic essential oils, vetiver, violet, sandalwood, rose, yuzu, and black pepper. Imagine the sun, the flowers, and damp rain all in one and you'll get this.

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Spray Perfume $22Shop

East Coasters will understand how important it is to mentally transport ourselves to a spring garden in order to escape the torrential downpours and cloudy skies we're currently dealing with. Let this cruelty-free, citrusy, and sweet blend of Tahitian gardenia flowers be a reminder that the sun is coming.

Hiram Green Perfumes Moon Bloom $165Shop

This elegant bottle is holding an equally exquisite scent inside of it. Imagine a mix of the tropical tuberose, absolute, ylang-ylang, coconut, leafy greens, and other spices and resins floating around. Soft but strong-i.e., not for the faint-hearted.

Lurk RSW 005 Eau de Toilette $225Shop

Free of alcohol and preservatives and full of organic jojoba and pure essential oils-that's the standard Lurk sets for its fragrances. This one is a mysterious mockup of warm sandalwood and an earthy rose. In other words, it's a twisted take on a traditional floral.

Strangelove NYC Lost in Flowers Eau de Parfum $475Shop

This gorgeous scent will steal the heart of any floral lover. Getting lost in flowers sounds so ideal right about now. Using notes of jasmine, champaca, gardenia enfleurage, saffron, and oud, this scent gives a nod to brighter, prettier days.

Abel Red Santal $120Shop

Dreamed up by Frances Shoemack, who wasn't satisfied with the "natural" fragrance options on the market, Abel is a careful curation of ethically sourced organic ingredients, natural essential oils, and food-grade alcohol. The East Indian santal is combined with bergamot, pepper, and spicy clove.

Skylar Body Arrow $78Shop

All Skylar fragrances are made in small batches in Los Angeles, including its hand-painted watercolor packaging. Founder Cat Chen was tired of putting the chemicals found in mainstream fragrances on her skin, so she created this ethical line of scent goods. This one gives off warm vanilla vibes-but not your typical vanilla. It's accompanied by notes of midnight jasmine and warm patchouli.

Josh Rosebrook Ethereal Botanical Fragrance $145Shop

Many take issue with the staying power of natural fragrances. This complex and earthy blend will do the opposite of fade-in fact, it lingers for hours. If you want it all (warm, woodsy, sweet, and earthy), this scent is for you. It has a base of organic absolutes and essential oils.

Kai Fragrance Rose Eau de Parfum $76Shop

Fragrances that feel clean, like a fresh white T-shirt, are the best. This scent-Kai's signature perfume oil-is infused with rose absolute and embodies the tropical white flowers in Hawaii.

The world needs more of these earth-friendly fragrances, but for now, will take two of each of these, please.