ZoГ« Kravitz on How Her Beauty Routine Has Changed Since Going Blond

Dominique Charriau/Getty Images

Just a week after appearing in Saint Laurent's front row at Paris Fashion Week, ZoГ« Kravitz sat down with Vogue to talk all things beauty-spilling everything from her favorite products to how her beauty routine has changed since lightening up her locks.

Kravitz admits that going platinum blond "does change the game a little." In addition to a red lip that has "kind of a bombshell-y thing to it" when paired with platinum tresses, Kravitz is more into a dark brow, which she says used to be a little overpowering with her dark hair. But her secret to nailing it every time (besides the Pinterest board she keeps for inspiration) is in practicing a less-is-more approach. "You only need one dramatic thing," she says, "whether it is the red lip or the eye, because the hair is dramatic already, you know?" She is full of amazing beauty secrets, just ask our editorial director.

Since going lighter, Kravitz says she's been using Olaplex and then coconut oil to make sure her bleached strands are cared for. "Bumble and Bumble also has some good leave-in conditioners," she says-especially important for combatting breakage. "My hair breaks really easily," Kravitz confesses. "I think I leave a trail of blond hair everywhere I go now."

But as for her biggest beauty secret, it all comes back to health and wellness. "I really think beauty starts from within," she says. "If you're not sleeping and you're not drinking water and you're not eating right and you're not exercising-if you're not taking care of yourself, no amount of makeup or no fabulous outfit is going to make you look good."