A Pro Surfer Tells Us Her Entire Summer Beauty Routine (SPF Included)

Quincy Davis is the kind of girl who has salty waves and sun-kissed skin year round-proof that she spends more time on the beach than off it. But unlike other girls, Davis doesn't just admire the waves… She surfs them. The 22-year-old, Volcom-sponsored surfer started competing at the ripe young age of 11 and has collected multiple championships and first-place prizes since. Though her makeup routine may be minimal-the whole riding-waves-in-the-ocean thing keeps it that way-she's an expert when it comes to knowing which products can last through the day (or a killer swell). Keep scrolling to find out her entire beauty routine!


What products do you use to keep your skin from drying out after long days at the beach?

Davis: I wash my face every day with ShiseidoВ White Lucent Brightening Cleansing FoamВ ($35). And then I've been using a La MerВ The Moisturizing Soft CrГЁmeВ ($85) that I was gifted, as well as the brand'sВ Eye Balm IntenseВ ($190). Sometimes after traveling on a plane, I'll use Dr. Colbert'sВ Illumino Face OilВ ($130) to give my skin a glow.

You're a pro at surfing-and thus must know how to protect your skin when you surf. Which sunscreens do you absolutely swear by?

Davis: I use CelezomeВ Moisturizing SunscreenВ ($32) and Haute ProtectionВ High ProtectionВ Tinted CompactВ ($34) when I surf. I do a double layer! It's so important to protect my face from the sun. And then I'll use CoolaВ Suncare Sport Sunscreen SprayВ ($24)В for my body.


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What about hair-what's your everyday hair routine like?

Davis: I use Bumble and BumbleВ Hairdressers Invisible Oil ShampooВ ($31)В andВ ConditionerВ ($34). And coconut oil is the best DIY mask-trust me! It can be hard to get it all out, but when I surf the next morning, it comes right out and leaves my hairВ soВ much softer. It's amazing! I also use a KГ©rastase hair mask twice a week if I can. Oil is key, though!

Does your hair naturally fall into those perfect beachy waves after a day of surfing?

Davis: Sometimes I'll get a nice beachy, wavy, salty look from being in the water, which I like, but other times it will be a complete mess!

Are there any leave-in products you like?

Davis: I putВ MoroccanoilВ ($15) in my hair after surfing, as well as It's a 10В Lite Leave-In ConditionerВ ($36).В

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Your makeup routine seems pretty minimal-or maybe you've just mastered no-makeup makeup. What's your secret?

Davis: I use YSL'sВ Top Secrets All-In-One BB creamВ ($50)-it's my favorite. It's super light and natural, with a little glow. Bobbi Brown products are amazing, also. I use theirВ Skin Foundation StickВ ($44)В at night, and theirВ Bronzer PowderВ ($40). For lips, I use aВ Chubby StickВ ($17) from Clinique, which is so easy and moisturizing. Brows are important to me too-I use Bobbi BrownВ Brow PencilВ ($24).

After partnering with Volcom on a clothing line and being featured in a bunch of magazines, you've become a sort of fashion and beauty idol in the surf world. Do you have any icons?

Davis: I love Brigitte Bardot! She's amazing.

Lastly-any little-known surf beauty secrets?

Davis: ShiseidoВ Ultimate Sun Protection Cream LotionВ ($39),В especially for us girls-it almost looks like makeup in the water. And all of It's a 10's hair products.

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.