We Put This $8 Sheet Mask for Hair to the Test


It was only a matter of time before someone invented sheet masks for the hair. We have them for the face, lipsВ and chin, so moving towards the hairline seemed logical. Kocostar is an affordable beauty brand hailing from Korea that's stocked on ASOS. It was during a late-night trawl of the online store (admit it, we all do it) that I came across this Home Salon Hair Pack, and after closer inspection, I realized it's essentially a sheet mask for your barnet.

Housed inside the tear-open packet is what looks like a papery version of those hair towels. You know, the ones you twist and secure with a button. Well, this is the same, except it's filled with a hair mask, and you're meant to secure it with the sticker provided. It's about as sticky as plank of wood, so I used a kirby grip instead (yeah, I actually found one when I needed it).

The idea is that you shampoo your hair, towel-dry it and then flip your head over and into the sheet mask, twisting and securingВ it in place. You then massage the product into your scalp before going about your business, either hanging out in the bath, reading a book or drinking a glass of wine. I did chores (well, I wanted to really put this sheet mask to the test).

It felt comfortable and, thanks to the kirby grip, secure. The inside of the hair towel-shaped mask is a nourishing concoction containing shea butter, royal jelly, camellia oil and sesame seed oil, among others. It smells fresh and clean and left my hair with a pleasant scent that lingered long after my hair was rinsed and dry.

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I got carried away with my chores and despite the packet saying to leave on for 20 minutes, it was on for closer to 40. It was easy to remove. My hair felt completely saturated in the mask from root to tip. I then rinsed it with warm water and left it to air-dry (which is how I usually dry it). My hair usually ends up a tangled mess if I've popped it up into a towel, but this was free from any knotting. Once dry, it felt and looked incredibly silky, much softer than when I shampoo, condition and go. It also had a good sheen to it. For $8 I would absolutely recommend this mask. In fact, if it was double the price, I'd still be giving it a glowing review.