We've Discovered a New Place to Buy Beauty, and It Has All the Best Niche Brands

Neighbourhood Botanicals

Wolf & Badger is a treasure trove of independent fashion, jewellery and homeware, but its beauty brands really has us excited. You might not have heard of some of these labels, but trust us when we say that should change immediately.

We head to this unique store for a stellar selection of curated products that are stylish and ethically and environmentally conscious. Wolf & Badger carries over 100 beauty brands-all of which value the importance of being 100% organic, sustainably made, non-toxic and cruelty-free. Henry Graham, creative director and co-founder of Wolf & Badger told Byrdie, "All our products are organic, free from nasty chemicals and free from cruelty wherever possible. Despite this restrictive selection criteria, we have still been able to work with great, forward-thinking brands that make wonderful, effective and beautifully packaged products that our customers love."

BAO Skincare

We don't know about you, but there's a certain gratification we feel from supporting small brands and knowing all the products aren't harming animals or the planet.

Better yet, you will soon be able to shop the unique, indie brands at the luxe new (three-story, no less) flagship store at Coal Drops Yard in King's Cross. Opening on 26 October, the store will offer beauty, vintage, fashion, floristry, antiques and a cafe (because shopping is thirsty work).

The dedicated beauty counter will house all the best beauty brands. You will also be able to acquire beauty tips, expert advice and complimentary skin treatments. There'll be "Meet the Maker" events, in which the brands offer discounts and exclusive treatments. Keeping with the environmentally friendly theme, once a month, Wolf & Badger will host "Sustainability Sunday" panel discussions within the store, which are open to the public.

Ark Skincare

Before we can race you to the new store, here's an edit of our favourite indie brand products that we're personally buying in bulk (and that you can snap up online now)…

Evolve Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum 200 $30Shop

Fact: We put on this serum before bed and woke up with glowing skin. This offering by Evolve Beauty is worth every penny. It contains 200 milligrams of hyaluronic acid per bottle, which is proven to hydrate skin from within whilst plumping up fine lines and wrinkles. Paired with organic pomegranate, this serum softens and protects the skin. We love the scientific-looking bottle and handmade packaging, which are all created in a studio by the Hertfordshire-based brand.

Neighbourhood Botanicals Face Off Oil to Milk Cleanser $27Shop

We can't get enough of Neighbourhood Botanicals quirky packaging (and its contents). Each product from the range is cruelty-free, vegan, and made in a small batch here in the UK. That chic packaging that looks great on our bathroom shelf is also fully recyclable.

One of our hero products is this natural oil-to-milk two-phase cleanser. Tough on grime but gentle on skin, it's great for wiping away the day (or night.) Face Off combines a blend of plant oils and mild plant-derived emulsifiers that completely cleans your face but won't alter the pH or strip it of moisture. It has the benefits of raw oils but the ease and mildness of a milk cleanser. Even the peskiest waterproof mascara is easily removed (and all without the petrochemicals, alcohol, or astringents found in traditional cleansers and makeup removers).

This cleanser doesn't contain any nut oils and is perfume-free. The fresh spa scent from its light essential oil blend of marula, calendula and apricot kernel oil.

Neighbourhood Botanicals The Daily Glow Facial Oil $28Shop

This light but silky oil is our secret weapon for fresher and brighter skin-even on days when we feel anything but. This zingy citrus oil is a great early morning product to help wake up your face. The antioxidants, vitamins and phytosterols included fight eye puffiness and support strong skin structure and elasticity for everyday upkeep and protection from environmental baddies. If you haven't got on board with the facial oil trend yet, know that instead of making your skin oilier, they actually fight greasiness and help skin maintain a healthy pH balance.

ARK Skincare Nourishing Hand & Body Lotion $30Shop

Ark is one of our most-loved new beauty companies. The award-winning British brand treats by age and skin concern-meaning there's a must-have product for everyone. The full range is vegan, uses bioactive natural ingredients and combines antioxidants, lipids and vitamins.

This rich, easily-absorbed lotion is our after-shower treat and a desk pick-me-up all in one. The Silk Protein included conditions the skin's surface whilst Shea Butter intensely moisturises, reduces irritation and protects against harsh weather. The scent of this lotion makes it even better, as it's made with palmarosa, rosemary, clary-sage, soothing ylang-ylang, jasmine and mimosa.

Balmkind Alpine Rose & Lysine Lip Balm SPF 20 $13Shop

Look no further for a hydrating lip balm that will nourish and soothe your pout, withoutВ leaving it feeling sticky. This nifty balm has UVA and UVB filters, and antioxidant fruit and flower oils to keep your lips looking and feeling their best. Exposure to sun, wind, cold air and central heating are major factors that contribute to lips becoming dry, sore and chapped. Whilst other lip balms rely on ingredients such as mineral oil or petrolatum, which simply sit on top of the lips, balmkind offers rich active ingredients, to ensure your lips look and feel their best. This balm contains no nasties-parabens, mineral oil or petrolatum. It also omits oxybenzone and octinoxate-which are known to be harmful to coral reefs.

BAO Nourish Urself $25Shop

We love a multi-use product that works hard-and BAO's Nourish Urself does just that. It can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser or treatment balm. Vitamin-rich plant oils and nut butters deliver extreme hydration to repair your skin and medicinal essential oils soothe any redness or irritations. As it's a balm, not a cream it's lovely and thick, meaning you only need a little.
In the evening, cleanse skin, pat dry then massage a small amount all over you face, eyes and neck. In the morning, you'll wake up with softer, dewy looking and subtler skin.

We love a multi-use product that works hard-and BAO's Nourish Urself does just that. It can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser or treatment balm. Vitamin-rich plant oils and nut butters deliver extreme hydration to repair your skin and medicinal essential oils soothe any redness or irritations. As it's a balm, not a cream it's lovely and thick, meaning you only need a little.
In the evening, cleanse skin, pat dry then massage a small amount all over you face, eyes and neck. In the morning, you'll wake up with softer, dewy looking and subtler skin.

Kiss the Moon Glow After Dark Bath Oil $38Shop

Bath-lovers will adore this oil by chic, vegan and cruelty free beauty brand Kiss the Moon. Made with relaxing orange, geranium, myrrh & litsea essential oils (litsea has a scent that is similar to lemongrass, and is used in Chinese medicine to calm the mind and spirit) this bath oil will not only smell divine, it will help to nourish and restore your skin. Made from a blend of coconut oil, a generous helping of nutrient rich jojoba oil and white tea seed oil, you'll love indulging yourself (and your skin) toВ this relaxing treat.

Auolive Radiance Revealer Superfruit Exfoliating Gel Water Based $45Shop

Auolive's founder Claire wanted to create products that simplify skincare routines, instead of the need for time-consuming multiple-steps. This pomegranate gel harnesses all the power of the super-fruit, for the skin. All of us have daily exposure to environmental stressors andВ would benefit from gentle exfoliation to lift dead skin cells. This award-winning Exfoliating Gel refines pores, brightens skin and reveals the radiance and hydrated softness beneath. It's our go-to for a fresh glow when we're time strapped.

Heinrich Barth N. 07 Mykonos Shampoo All Hair Types $21Shop

Sometimes, we like to treat ourselves (and our hair) to a luxe, nourishing shampoo. This Mykonos Shampoo by Heinrich Barth (complete with the scent of vacation) is our fave. Infused with botanical extracts, fig leaves and sage this gentle formula leaves our hair super soft, shiny and protected from the elements.

Inlight Beauty Line Softener Intensive $78Shop

This sumptuous cream is the anti-ageing balm to invest in. Whilst spendy, it's clinically proven to smooth, reduce lines, stimulate collagen and soften wrinkles. A clinical trial showed a reduction of lines and wrinkles after just 28 days of daily use.
This beautifully textured cream includes chlorophyll-rich spirulina and barley grass (both have powerful anti-ageing and antioxidant properties) argan and bitter cherry oils (which mop up free radicals.) If you're looking for more radiant, smoother skin-this is the must-have product for you.

Inlight Beauty Super Food Mask $34Shop

We've been applying this rejuvenating organic face mask religiously. It is formulated to detoxify and repair the skin, with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. Dr Spiezia says: “This mask is ideal for skin which is tired, opaque and lacks radiance. The high antioxidant activity tackles blemishes and redness and will leave skin glowing, as if you have just been for a bracing walk along the Cornish cliffs.”
The Super Food Mask gently exfoliates, tackles blemishes and redness, draws out impurities as well as adding hydration, both after use and over time. All bio-active plant extracts are produced in-house, are 100% organic and are free from synthetics and chemical fragrances. If your complexion is looking a little dull of late-give this mask a go.

Ardeus Grapefruit Salt Spray $12Shop

For supermodel-esque 'just stepped off the beach' hair, but with none of the effort-may we suggest Ardeus' Grapefruit Salt Spray. Create a beachy look all year round by adding a few spritz' of this little gem, which is handmade in Scotland. It gives hair styles of all lengths lift, without feeling too drying like some salt sprays we've previously tried. As an added bonus- it also nourishes the scalp and hair with Epsom salt, organic grapefruit oil and Vitamin E.

Luxe Botanics CAMU Brightening Mist $26Shop

Nothing perks up our skin like a quick facial misting-it was love at first use with this brightening mist from Luxe Botanics. Rich in vitamin C, damascus and rose water-it's soothing plumping and primes skin to lock in moisture and leaves use with a soft, dewy glow.
Camu has more vitamin C than the acai berry, so is considered the ultimate skin brightener. Mist onto damp face and neck after cleansing, or on dry skin throughout the day to rehydrate and revitalize. Even better, Luxe Botanics give back to the communities that harvest and process their skincare. Working with their partnered charity, when you purchase a Camu product you will help provide a nutritious meal to an Ethiopian nursery school child for one day. Great skin and giving back-a win win.

Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Revitalising Face Oil $22Shop

This anti-ageing facial oil glides on without greasiness. The combination of Baobab, Argan, Peach Kernel and Jojoba oils work to revitalise, soothe and renew skin.

Nakin's face oil (from its high performance range) is blended with skin enhancing plant oils that smooth lines and condition. Skin is left calm, energised and hydrated with glowing radiance. As well as benefiting all skin types, this is also safe for those with Eczema and Psoriasis. A little goes a long way with this product-whichВ is also vegan, and made right here in England.

Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Complex $18Shop

If you need to fake a good night's sleep, this anti-ageing eye cream is just the ticket. Ingredients hibiscus, pomegranate and hyaluronic acid moisturise and rejuvenate the eye area, whilst green tea extract (rich in anti-oxidants) and caffeine (to alleviate eye puffiness) offer an overnight pick-me-up. Over time, the velvety cream helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Bonus-this is even gentle enough for sensitive skin.В

Trust Organic Skincare Face and Scalp Moisturiser $30Shop

Looking for intense hydration, even if your skin is sensitive? Apply one to two pumps of Face & Scalp Moisturiser by Trust Organic- sweeping up the dГ©colletage, out across the face and into the head.В The brandВ wanted to create a range that was safe for users throughout their life. They realised allergies, pregnancies, or post-illness treatments meant many were having to give up or change their skincare products because of the harsh ingredients involved.В

They create luxury products that are safe and nourishing, even in very sensitive times. Along with their all natural ingredients-their packaging, cards and boxes can all be recycled.

Trust Organic Skincare Boosting Super Serum $35Shop

Say bye to dry skin, redness and fatigue thanks to this super serum. You can use this on its own, or add it into each or any of the Trust range,В to boost its effects and add a calming aroma.

Next up: Find out about the products that will amp up your Sunday night routine in no time…